Grand figure of bullfighting by Andrés Roca Rey


In the run of greater expectation, Roca Rey is wounded, in the first, and set a faenón, in the last: cut two ears and opens the Puerta Grande. Fully confirms his status as a figure of bullfighting. He also cuts an ear López Simón and Las Ventas fired El Cid with love.

"It's nice to see the Plaza so full," my partner tells me, and he's right. It is also a pleasure to see the King emeritus in the bulls, with the Infanta Elena, and to check the popular fervor. The right-handers give him the third, fourth and fifth bull. They receive El Cid with a big ovation.

Since the posters of San Isidro were announced, many people pointed to this bullfight and the other two bullfights Andrés Roca Rey. When the localities were put up for sale, a few hours were enough to exhaust them. And a personal symptom: the calls we receive to get an entry … There is no doubt: the Peruvian right-hander is a phenomenon.

The unforgettable Marcial Lalanda distinguished three kinds of matadors, depending on whether dominance, value or aesthetics predominated in them. And, apart from these three, one more, the phenomenon: the right-hander who breaks the rules, which everyone talks about -and they argue about-, which attracts more people to the box office. That was, for example, Manolete, El Cordobés or Jesulín. (I'm not talking about artistic category but about popular "hook"). Right now, Roca Rey.

After the April Fair, Roca Rey passes his first big exam in his three afternoons of San Isidro. The tradition of Las Ventas is to show its greater demand with the figures: «to see if here …» (That dour scow shows that they have reached this category). It begins with the cattle they are dealing with, starting -with reason- that they have been able to choose them. Roca Rey gave a great punch on the table and the run of Adolfo Martín came out. Maybe that did not please some of his surroundings but it was the proof that he assumed his role as first figure. He makes up for it by dealing with the cattle of Parladé, the second currency of Juan Pedro Domecq. This afternoon, they are, in general, very manageable.

In his farewell season, El Cid is receiving displays of affection, as thanks for his glorious history; in Madrid, in a special way. It is also confirming that the decision has been timely. The first, a nice splash, comes charging with nobility and sweetness, as if it had already been stung. (Now this is frequent, before, it would have been unthinkable). El Cid uses it in good shots and traces right-hand shots in slow motion. Of bulls like that, it was said before that they were "a Little Sister of Charity". Gives the wounded Gonzalo Caballero. The bull lasts little, it goes out. It has left him comfortable, without frights, but not a complete task. It does not kill well. The fourth one goes out but he attacks the crutch with great kindness, just forces, a certain lack of content … That allows the Cid to draw muletazos in his line, without having to worry but without emotion, due to the dying attack. He kills without narrowing and cheers him with affection.

López Simón continues cutting trophies in many places (the last one, Aguas Calientes), with his stillness and his accurate sword, but I do not see any improvement in his aesthetics. The second comes out with feet, just strength, comes from afar, galloping with joy. He receives it with statuaries. Stays still, holds, in unequal rights. It improves when the bull hurts a lot. On the left, it engages worse. A lane bull defines my neighbor. We do not get rid of inverted Bernadines. The thrust is dropped while the warning sounds but short ear. Receive gayola portal to the fifth, over 600 kilos, and has to throw to the sand. The bull stands on flags, endures a lot Yelco Alvarez, who salutes. In the crutch, the bull falters and slits to tables. There, López Simón persists in a muddled porphyry that not everyone appreciates, is justified. It does not kill well.

The hum of expectation announces the departure of the third bull. Returned by loose the Parladé, the abalone of Mayalde is abrupt. Before mastering it, Roca Rey throws his cloak over his back and suffers a tremendous somersault. (A right-hander with so much head, this time has run over the reason). With the satchel made foxes and limping clearly, returns to the bull. Bring the King. After making the post, it dominates, although the bull points, at the end of each muletazo. When you lower your hand, protest. A task of more merit than brightness. The thrust drops low and everything spoils. Go to the infirmary. He has suffered a wound of 6 centimeters in the right thigh. He comes out of the infirmary to kill the last one, which he manages, very loose. Trace good verónicas, loading luck. As the bull has mobility, it begins with the usual muletazos changed, which links with a natural and the chest. The first batch of right hands, very long, very bossy, with the crutch too low, already raises a clamor: league, leads the onslaught, it is wrapped around the waist. A natural slow turns into a circular, which puts people on their feet. The batches of natives with great dominion and temper follow each other. I remember what my friend Federico said about Antoñete's muletazos: "They are not natural, they are cathedrals." Cathedrals of the authentic art of bullfighting. The bull has been very good but ends up going to tables: he resorts then to the daring Bernardes, who dazzle the staff. The warning sounds before the outright thrust. Nobody discusses the two ears and the Big Door. Who said that it does not dominate the classic bullfighting? Who doubted that he is an authentic first figure? After this afternoon, at Las Ventas, I hope that already, nobody.

Monumental de Las Ventas

Wednesday, May 22, 2019. Ninth run of the San Isidro Fair. Filled with «No tickets». Parladé bulls, very manageable; 3rd, Mayalde's hat, brusque.

MANUEL JESÚS «EL CID», blue and gold. Pinchazo, average and two descabellos (palms). In the room, deep puncture (notice, greetings).

ALBERTO LÓPEZ SIMÓN, navy blue and gold. Lunge low (warning, ear). In the fifth, puncture deep and pithy (Palmas).

ANDRÉS ROCA REY, of cinnamon and gold. Lunge down (applause). In the sixth, thrust (two ears and exit through the Great Gate). (tagsToTranslate) ninth (t) run (t) isidro (t) sales


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