Grand Steeple-Chase of Paris: Davy Russell, the unexpected hero


"If you told me that a month ago, I would not have believed you. Carriacou's Jockey Davy Russell has just returned from winning the Grand Steeple-Chase in Paris (Gr. I). At almost forty, the Irish emits a mixture of phlegm and pragmatism, but his emotion is palpable: "It's incredible. I thought Paul Townend (Saint Burrows jockey, finally fifth) could do it but not me. I had never won at Auteuil! "

And, for good reason, Davy Russell had mounted only once on the mound Mortemart. Better yet, it was the first time in his long career that he was defying the biggest obstacles in the west of Paris.

"I had even forgotten that we could see the Eiffel Tower from the track"

Three times Golden Whip (an annual title that rewards the jockey with the greatest number of victories) of the hurdle in Ireland, Davy Russell was not chosen by chance. "I was looking for another Jonathan Plouganou (last jockey Carriacou)," said Isabelle Pacault, coach of the winner. She did not know Davy Russell, but he was advised by his entourage. "When she called me, I said yes, without hesitation. "

And the Irishman to mention the racecourse of Auteuil: "I had even forgotten that we could see the Eiffel Tower from the track. I did not even see it; it was after the race that I realized it. "

As for the course of the race, Davy Russell was impressed: "Carriacou is a great jumper. I thought it took a hard horse and wrestler to win this race. He jumped so well that I did not go (sic) only after the last hedge. The rest of the way, I only accompanied it, quite simply. As if it were easy to win a coveted event.


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