Grandpa who dropped granddaughter (1) from cruise ship confesses guilt

The drama took place during a family vacation last year. Anello was playing with granddaughter Chloe on the eleventh floor of the cruise ship. He thought he would put the girl on the railing, by a glass wall. However, one of the sash windows was open and the moment Chloe started banging on the windows, she lost her balance. The fall was fatal.

Anello initially wanted to prove his innocence, but if he loses the lawsuit, there is a chance he will go to jail. With his confession, he accepts a settlement and thus avoids a prison sentence. “A difficult decision for Anello and his family,” says his lawyer. “However, this seemed like the best way to end the horrible chapter.”

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Royal Caribbean

Chloe’s family now focuses on the fight to make cruise ships safer for children. According to the family, the shipping company is the real culprit. “In the beginning I only blamed myself, but now I’m starting to think differently. If there had been a warning, we would never have come close to the window. In my view it goes shipping company Royal Carribean not openlySaid Anello.

Mother Kimberly shares this view. “They could have taken a million precautions. Why didn’t they put a screen in front of that window? ” Interestingly, a number of fellow passengers pointed out that the ship has tinted windows. The difference between open or closed would therefore be clearly visible. Anello says she is color blind and really hasn’t seen it.

The verdict against Anello is scheduled for December 10. The case against Royal Carribean is still ongoing. However, they defend themselves with images from a security camera, which would show that Anello is not innocent. Before lifting Chloe, he leaned over the railing for eight seconds. So he knew all too well that that window was open. ”

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