Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Graphics Cards: AMD criticizes Nvidia for Affiliate Program

Over Twitter, Scott Henkelman, responsible for gaming graphics cards at AMD, has talked about influencing the graphics card market to deliberate bad chip delivery from partner manufacturers, which would hurt Radeon graphics cards. The addressee of this complaint can only be Nvidia. Because the competitor is to put partner manufacturers under pressure to claims that could harm AMD.

For several weeks, a dispute between AMD and Nvidia concerning the Nvidia Partner Program has been smoldering. As Golem reports, The dispute now seems to escalate further. Scott Henkelman, responsible for gaming graphics cards at AMD, has found via twitter words which are comparatively clear to the industry and denounce Nvidia’s influence on its partner manufacturers. Although Henkelman does not explicitly mention the name Nvidia, it is obvious that only Nvidia is eligible. Scott Henkelman is very open about twitter, saying that competition is limited or even blocked by, among other things, allocations (meaning deliberate allocations of chips) and Radeon products are suffering.

Superficially, it seems Nvidia’s affiliate program – our colleagues from Golem reported Just to negotiate a common agreement between chip and graphics card manufacturers, partners must use the Nvidia logo and use authorized distribution channels, and Nvidia will provide them with support for things like marketing and technology. But now it has been revealed that Nvidia behind the scenes to put the partner manufacturers under pressure and threaten with a poorer supply of chips, if the manufacturers do not even dance at things like Spielebundles and social media to Nvidia’s whistle. Indirectly Nvidia even seems to want to displace AMD by such threats, because so MSI and Asus have been pressured to offer under their gaming labels only Nvidia graphics cards.

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