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Graudiņa / Kravčenoka: this is the Olympics and it is the biggest motivation

After the seemingly easy victory at the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Latvian beach volleyball players Tīna Graudiņa and Anastasija Kravčenoka pointed out that it was not difficult to find motivation to fight against the latter before the fight, because playing in the Olympic Games is already motivation.

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In the Subgroup D of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Graudiņa / Kravčenoka defeated the Kenyan duo Gaudsius Makohu / Brixids Hadambi 2-0 (21: 6, 21:14). This was the second success for the Latvians in the tournament, which gave them second place in the overall standings and allowed them to reach the playoffs safely, avoiding playing in the “lucky loser” round.

“It was not a difficult game, but otherwise difficult to play, because simple volleyball – had to run more defensively, concentrate,” says Graudiņa. Kravčenoka pointed out that it was difficult because it was not known what to expect from the opponents.

“The group game that was supposed to be won. These are the Olympic Games and every game is important,” says Graudiņa.

“We did the most important thing – we warmed up well, we got the feeling of a ball, we went out on the central court, we felt what the wind was like, we felt what it was like to play again.

The Kenyan have suffered convincing losses in previous games and are the last of the group, but Graudiņa / Kravčenoka managed to prepare mentally well for the game. Gustavo da Silva Roša, a Brazilian duo, had a good motivation before the game.

“It’s not hard to find motivation. It’s not hard to motivate anyone by putting them in a stadium where the Olympic laps are. You also know that the whole of Latvia is watching your game, and it doesn’t matter what’s opposite,” adds Graudiņa.

In an hour, the Latvian duo will find out their opponent in the first round of the elimination tournament. The match for the Latvian duo will be on August 1 or 2. “We don’t care who will face it. All the teams are strong – let’s go and play. Let’s fight,” adds Kravchenoka.

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