Gray notes of Naples

The tie to a goal allows light to penetrate the darkness of Barcelona. The marker illuminates a more dark reality. The game did not fix in Naples Template breakdowns as the troubled directive dome would have liked. Unlike. Like an augmented reality screen, in the green of San Paolo structural problems were aggravated that affected even Leo Messi, disappointing in the match of the comparison with a past that does not belong to him. Here some notes of what transcends the Neapolitan way.

A TEMPLATE THAT SHOULD UNCOVERED. “It’s what we have. We’re not going to play with 10 or 9 players,” Quique Setién said of the return at Camp Nou on March 18. Relativist by obligation, the Cantabrian coach chooses to shrug at a problem that is enlarged after each game. The injured are joined by the punished. To defeat the Gattuso team there are 10 field players and two goalkeepers of the first team, unless Alba or Sergi Roberto recover on time. Alignment could almost be sent to the Camp Nou speaker. It is not entirely bad luck. It is not remembered in the elite football of recent years such poor planning of a template. Players no longer hide their criticism. Josep Maria Bartomeu and Eric Abidal have to shake the eardrums. “We have to face it with those of us. We are a short template, unfortunately the planning was like that,” said Busquets. “Those responsible already knew that the template was short,” Rakitic said. In the Sunday classic at the Bernabéu, Setién will be able to count on Piqué, who yesterday trained without limping despite retiring with a sprained ankle, and with Braithwaite, the late incorporation. Some light

THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PLAYERS. Begins to be habitual that the players of Barça throw messages upwards. There has been a parade recently. Messi, Piqué, now Busquets, Rakitic … Regarding planning, soccer players have an easy target. The size of the disaster is monumental and those responsible cannot hide. However, knowing the problem, some did not act with the prevention that the situation claimed. Busquets He seemed almost to be shown a card. And Arturo Vidal was disillusioned to force two yellows in the same play. They lacked the necessary temper. “These are moments of nerves and tension,” he justified. Setien. What else could I say?

WHAT IS THE SETIEN PLAN? Gattuso, who in the previous one had praised Barça’s Barça evolution, said after the game that the Catalans barely “tickled” them in San Paolo. He did not miss the truth. Not a shot on goal in the entire first half, a goal of a single line break. Horizontal game, slow, flat, coagulated, without anyone trying to dribble or pass in depth. A football without creativity. The alignment conditioned this passivity. See Rakitic, in an obvious way, instead of Arthur, it didn’t help to degrease the rhythm. See Vidal from the extreme right itched in the eyes. “We don’t have players from that profile to attack,” Busquets said about the lack of dribblers. Being true, Ansu Fati’s bullet was not used. Apart from Messi, he is the only one capable of facing his defender. Setién seems to have picked up fast towards the disrespectful pragmatism of Valverde. The relief for this was not done. You must demand more courage.

SIDE SITES THAT PROGRESS LITTLE. Semedo gave the assistance of the goal of Griezmann. He redeemed him from a mediocre party. The Portuguese alternates drinking games with very gray ones. In the absence of a pure extreme, more offensive contribution is expected from him. Especially since on the other side Junior Firpo, Alba’s relay, looks like a dubious, imberbe footballer, who even escapes seemingly simple ball controls. He was signed by a good pinch (18 million plus 12 in variables) to make life more uncomfortable for Alba. There is no record that Catalan sleeps badly at night. When you recover from your injury, the left band will be yours. The same Sergi Roberto on the right

ROAD OF THE COLLISION. The results speak better than the game so far. All signs point to a frontal and virulent crash with an iceberg. For all that has been reported so far and because the signings that should increase the performance of the equipment, type From Jong or Griezmann, seem to play complexed. Messi said what he said about the nil chances of winning the Champions League this year. Right now, if you beat Naples, you can only expect a benevolent draw. At the same time of the bland San Paolo draw, Bayern disheveled Chelsea. On a screen it seemed to be a Formula 1; in the other, where Barça played, a utility car was seen circulating. The good thing is that football is changing like a whirlwind.


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