Great! Electric Sport Motor Made in Indonesia Invited to Tour the Jakarta Mandalika Endurance Test, as well as Trying Out a New Circuit


Bl-SEV01 is an electric motorcycle made by the nation’s children who tested the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok – BL-SEV01 Electric Motorcycle Invited to Tour the Jakarta Mandalika Route Endurance Test, as well as Try a New Circuit?

The Budi Luhur Sport Electric Vehicle 01 (BL-SEV01) electric motor was tested by going on a touring trip.

The BL-SEV01 electric motor was tested by taking the Jakarta-Mandalika route.

The BL-SEV01 electric motor endurance test aims to get a lot of new information and data.

All information, data, and experience obtained from the trial.

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BL-SEV01 . electric motor


BL-SEV01 . electric motor

Making the Budi Luhur University Electric Motor Vehicle Study Center more ready to develop other electric vehicles in the future.

In the test, the BL-SEV01 covered a distance of 1,340 km which managed to provide a lot of data.

This data can be used to produce electric vehicles that are much more powerful, have longer distances, and are more durable.

This is inseparable from the proven ability of the BL-SEV01 to be able to deal with various road and weather conditions well without any significant obstacles.

The BL-SEV01 electric motorcycle also successfully completed the touring challenge to the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok.


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