Friday, 18 Jan 2019

"Great mistake!", President Trump guesses the decision of the manager of the Dodgers in the world series

As Rich Hill played in the fourth game of the World Series, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts made an irreproachable decision to lift the starting pitcher despite his success.

President Trump was among those who questioned the wisdom of this decision.

"Managers do it all the time, big mistake!" Tweeted Trump.

He had a point. Hill, who had 91 shots, allowed a point. He took out seven and made three when he started with a four-point lead and a draw in the seventh inning. After that, the Red Sox scored nine points in a 9-6 win, giving Boston a 3-1 lead in the series with match 5 Sunday in Los Angeles.

Then Roberts was asked about his decision and Trump's tweet.

"I'm glad he's gotten acquainted and that he's watching the game," Roberts said. "I do not know how many games Dodger has watched, I do not think he's aware of the conversation, it's a man's opinion."

Hill, 38, rarely spends 6 1/3 of a heat and Roberts went on to say that Hill had mentioned the possibility of pulling him.

"Well, before that, before the start of the 7th – it was a sixth long for us – and I had a conversation with Rich, and we talked about it," Roberts said. "He said," Keep an eye on me. I will give him everything I have. Let's go from batter to batter and just keep an eye on me. 'So, I know Rich did everything he could, competed, left everything there.'

Red Sox manager Alex Cora offered support to Roberts.

"Dave Roberts is a good manager."

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