Greece: No dialogue as long as NAVTEX postings continue

publish a new NAVTEX for Turkey’s Oruc Reis research vessel engaged in research in the eastern Mediterranean led to Athens’ re response.

Greece declared unlawful by Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a written statement suggests that overlap away from the dialogue table with the NAVTEX announcement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, “Greece has to make a statement instead of posting every NAVTEX, negotiations should respond positively to our call,” he said.

In the new NAVTEX announcement made for the Oruç Reis Seismic Research Ship, it was stated that the research period of the ship will continue until 29 November.

According to the announcement, ships named Ataman and Cengizhan will continue to accompany Oruç Reis’s work in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In the previous announcement, it was stated that the work will continue until 23 November.

The Greek Foreign Ministry’s statement on the new NAVTEX announcement is as follows:

“Turkey today (Saturday) 21-29, to be effective from November, unlawfully declared the Greek of the continental shelf to make seismic survey continues to throw new NAVTEX announced by international sea in violation of the law and danger to peace and stability in the region.

“Greece, in Turkey detract from a more constructive dialogue condemns this provocative activities and has demanded the withdrawal of the NAVTEX announced.”

Greece, but said it is ready to a constructive dialogue tension creates the continental shelf of the eastern Mediterranean and Turkey to determine, Oruc Reis research vessel according to which “the Greek continental shelf” research in the disputed waters saw as explains whether to make out the dialogue established.

Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman, referring to the activities of Oruc Reis ship “Threats and drives can not be installed while the dialogue with Turkey,” he said.

On the other hand, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Denidias repeated the statement he made the previous day, “The provocations end; the dialogue begins”.

Turkey: we will protect our rights and the Turkish Cypriots in the eastern Mediterranean

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Al Hamidi today that in response to Greece “Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus itself will continue to protect the rights of Turkish determination,” he said and added:

“Greece should respond positively to our calls, rather than making statements on every NAVTEX advertisement.

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