Greek alphabet no longer used for hurricane names due to confusion | NOW

The Greek alphabet is no longer used to describe hurricanes, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has decided. According to the organization, the names have caused too much confusion in the past year.

After evaluating the hurricane season, the WMO has concluded that the pronunciation in some languages ​​is confusing. In addition, some names would be too similar (Zeta, Eta, Theta).

This created more media attention for the name in certain countries than the storm itself. According to the organization, that is not the intention, because the names have the purpose to warn people.

2020 had a very active Atlantic hurricane season, Weerplaza explains. The established list of names was used up completely, after which the Greek alphabet had to be changed according to the rules. For example, we had to deal with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon, among others.

As an alternative, an additional list has now been created. As soon as all names from the regular list of names have been used, an appeal is made to this. This list includes names such as Adria, Braylen and Cardidad.


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