Green card ban lifted; Biden revises Trump policy Joe Biden lifts Trump-era ban on green card applicants, says ‘immigration policy harms US business’

WASHINGTON: Joe Biden has withdrawn an order from former President Donald Trump barring entry to green card applicants. The new president’s latest policy of correcting Trump in a number of decisions after taking office will help many, including Indians. Trump has barred green card holders from entering the country, which is plagued by widespread job losses in Corona. But Biden said this is a barrier for many to reunite with their families and is adversely affecting U.S. businesses.

During the election campaign, Biden announced that he would change Trump’s policy on immigration. Biden has previously lifted a U.S. travel ban on Muslim countries. A federal judge in California has overturned a ban on foreign guest workers.

Trump recently extended the first order to stop issuing green cards until the end of 2020, until the end of March. Last year alone, an estimated 120,000 visas were lost under the order. Bringing families to work in the US has also been hampered by this. Holders of work visas were also banned. So far 1.4 crore people have applied for the green card and are waiting. In addition, about 4.5 lakh family visa holders are waiting. With so many people unable to get visas together, the wait for many is likely to continue.


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