‘Green electricity from energy suppliers is not always green’

If you add everything together, the electricity for consumers has become slightly greener again last year, according to the researchers, just like last year. Investments have mainly been made in wind energy. “It is interesting that Eneco has made really sustainable steps, you don’t see that with the other large suppliers. It is also surprising that a number of price fighters have started to go green,” says Donat.

Last year, more polluting electricity was offered to the business market and this year, according to Donat, they are not doing much better: “You see that consumers want green electricity and it is therefore supplied. So some suppliers channel the gray flow to that market. “

Drawing a real picture

Naked Energy, the company that receives the lowest score on the consumer market, says it does not lose sleep. “We are absolutely not against green energy,” says director Hans Toonen. “Only we are against the shadowy certificate system and we think that the discussion about it should be held.”

For reasons of transparency, the company says it sells green energy in the same proportion as actually generated in the Netherlands. That therefore leads to a low score.

The Consumers’ Association argues for a transparency obligation not only for sales, but also for purchasing. “Otherwise you have the idea that as a consumer you are doing very well, when that is not the case,” says Donat. “That undermines confidence, while a number of energy suppliers are doing well.”

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