Green Future Index 2021: Morocco ranked 5th in the world for clean innovation

The Green Future Index, developed by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in its 2021 edition ranked Morocco 26th in the world, and 5th among countries in terms of “clean innovation”.

This annual ranking measures progress and achievements towards a green economy. The document, which sorts the performances of 76 countries on 5 components, namely carbon emissions, energy transition, the “Green Society” (society’s tendency to adopt a green lifestyle), and clean innovation, underlines Morocco’s leading role in its continent, through, among other things, the training of African experts in renewable energies and sustainable agriculture.

In a section illustrating Morocco as an exporter of renewable energies, the report notes that Morocco carried out a fundamental overhaul of energy policy ten years ago, setting itself the objective of increasing the share of renewable energies to 42% in the country’s energy mix by 2020, a target which has been raised to 52% by 2030.

The report also quotes Said Mouline, CEO of the Moroccan Agency for Energy Efficiency (AMEE). The official says that in addition to developing strong wind and solar sectors, Morocco has also succeeded in reducing its costs. “At less than $ 0.03 per kilowatt hour, renewable energies are now our cheapest way to generate electricity,” says Mouline.

In addition, fossil fuel subsidies have been removed and replaced by energy transition programs, the report recalls, citing the example of irrigation in agriculture and indicating that “nearly 40,000 solar powered pumps have been installed to date “.

The report also conveys Morocco’s desire to become a stakeholder in the energy transition on a continental scale. “Today in Africa, we have 600 million people who do not have access to electricity, and we have the tools and capacities to help take advantage of renewable energy to bridge this gap,” said Mr. Mouline.

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Morocco has also taken the step of producing and exporting wind turbine blades, 60% of the production of which is intended for export, it is also noted.


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