Gref answered Mikhalkov, scolding the head of Sberbank in his program “Besogon”

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German Gref called the head of Sberbank a provocation and a manipulation of the director’s remarks by Nikita Mikhalkov in his Besogon broadcast. This Gref said in an interview with TASS.

Mikhalkov, recall, was outraged by Gref’s arguments about democracy, which he shared during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in 2012.

“As you know, this is not a performance. I was the moderator of the discussion panel. It was devoted to a serious topic: how will the state management model evolve if the basic preconditions have radically changed and the vertical model of information delivery is gradually coming to naught, ”Gref explains.

According to the head of Sberbank, the statements were a deliberate provocation to revitalize the discussion. “And the replica, called to revive the conversation, was taken out of context and presented as my point of view, which, of course, is absolutely incorrect. Closing the panel, I spoke on my behalf and said that we have no other way but to change the management model and involve citizens in the management process. And the government should be sensitive to people. Crowdsourcing is the involvement of people in making managerial decisions, ”Gref said in an interview.

“I am surprised that Nikita Sergeevich, a great professional, did not look at that record and pulled out a quote, or realized that this was not my speech, but a provocation of the panel session moderator. Then it’s a manipulation, and I don’t understand its purpose, ”he said.

The new issue of Mikhalkov’s BesogonTV program, “Who Has the State in Your Pocket?”, Which was shown on the Russia 24 TV Channel on May 1, 2020, was removed from broadcast on May 2. In this program, Mikhalkov also talked about the popular conspiracy theory about the allegedly existing project of American businessman Bill Gates to chip people under the guise of a vaccine from COVID-19. The director believes that the billionaire wants to introduce chips in people that will allow them to influence their behavior for the sake of “reducing humanity.”

After the program was removed from the air, Mikhalkov announced that this was done due to censorship, and that Sberbank launched an attack on Besogon: supposedly Gref paid 600 thousand dollars for it. Gref also answered this accusation: “I have been playing an active public role for 20 years, during this time I heard everything about me, but I never in my life paid for someone to say something or not to talk about me. And Sberbank did not block any negative materials … You know, there is a technique for banning the release of uncomfortable texts. We didn’t do this and didn’t pay for someone to write not what they think. ”

Gref also denied Mikhalkov’s words that the director had never asked Sberbank. “We are well acquainted with Nikita Sergeyevich, including in various, let’s say, spicy situations. I do not want to comment on this. Mikhalkov contacted us more than once, both in writing and verbally … ”he said.

In a speech by Gref, which outraged Mikhalkov, he talked about democracy and the fact that a person who has knowledge cannot be manipulated. Gref mentioned Buddhism, the teachings of Marx and Jewish Kabbalah. The latter did not particularly like Mikhalkov.

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