Griezmann tells Atlético that he will leave this summer

The Atlético de Madrid I wanted a definitive answer from Antoine Griezmann and he already has it. The Frenchman informed the club, in a meeting held this afternoon with Diego Simeone and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, that he will leave the club once the season is over – there is still a game with him I raised– and then pay the clause … which as of July 1 goes down from 200 to 120 million euros. "He told us he's leaving," they admitted from the club a few minutes before Atletico's own account confirmed the decision to leave the French in a gesture of transparency rarely seen. "Griezmann has informed the club that he will not remain at rojiblanco next season," he merely informed the club, which does not yet know the fate of the player.

Then he launched another message on social networks with a video in which the player himself explained his decision. "After talking to Cholo, Miguel Ángel and the people in the offices, I wanted to talk to the fans who have given me a lot of love. I have made the decision to leave; to see other things, to have other challenges. It has cost me to take that road. It's what I feel and need, it's been five great years where I've won my first major trophies with a club. They have been incredible moments that I will always remember, it has been a very important stage. I've got you in my heart and that's why I wanted you to know after coach and club. It has been five incredible years. I have enjoyed a lot, I have left everything in the field, I have tried to be a good boy with the amateur, I have tried to give joy to the people who have come to the Wanda Metropolitan and also with those who go away from home and I only have gratitude for all of you. Thank you very much and see you later ».

At least Atletico, internally, is pleased that it will not be with the uncertainty during the summer with Griezmann, who seems to indicate that he will sign for Barcelona although at the meeting he did not advance his destiny, and he will be able to take advantage of that money – although 20% will go to the Royal Society, as it was fixed in the 2014 agreement – to remodel a template that will need several tweaks and adjustments after the departure of players that have been important these years as Diego Godín, Lucas Hernández, Juanfran Torres or Filipe Luís. One of them until now was Captain Godín, the great friend of Griezmann, and that had been one of the reasons why the French chose to continue and try to achieve the Champions League in 2019 with a finish in the Metropolitan. Not being in it has been a hard blow for 'Grizzi'.

A month ago, Atletico was eliminated in a surprising way – due to the good result they had achieved in the first leg – of the Champions League. That day, Antoine Griezmann, like the rest of his classmates, did not appear at the Juventus Stadium. In that way a rather gray season of the French was certified. In the only Atletico title of the season – the European Super Cup– Barely had prominence and although he has been the top scorer of the team, their numbers are far from what was expected of one of the highest paid players in the world. When a year ago he signed his renewal he kept an ace up his sleeve in case things did not go as expected. And in view of what has been seen, this has been the case. He asked that his clause of 200 million be automatically lowered to 120 'kilos' on July 1, 2019. A clear gesture that left wide open its exit of the Metropolitan, that will leave in the coffers 96 million that the club will use to plan sportingly the next campaign in which Héctor Herrera It will be the first signing.

While, in Barcelona we look with anticipation at the passing of the events although his signing already generates consensus in the key people of the club. With the almost probable march of Coutinho, who has disappointed sportingly and has faced the stands, and the constant injuries of Dembélé, which prevent him from performing with continuity, from the technical secretariat it is believed that Antoine Griezmann is the perfect player to accompany Leo Messi in what has become an obsession: the Champions League. The Frenchman is a versatile striker, who works, who scores goals and who could be a perfect partner for the Argentine. The fans whistled at him in the last match played in the Camp Nou and his statements when he was a football player of the Real Sociedad, he said he preferred the Real Madrid Barcelona will not help you on your arrival, but right now the main obstacle is the amount of your card, although your environment has already reported that you are willing to lower it.

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