Griezmann transfer: a smooth earthquake

Clean, as always: Antoine Griezmann did things in order by starting the official announcement of his exfiltration on Tuesday at the end of the day. After asking for an appointment with Diego Simeone and Miguel Angel Gil Marin, respectively coach and managing director of his employer since 2014, Atlético Madrid, to inform them of his decision: after five seasons with the Colchoneros, who will have less as the tricolor striker carried to the summits than it has taken them there, Griezmann goes away.

A football-wide earthquake for two reasons. The first: the identification between the Mâconnais and the Madrid club is particularly strong, Griezmann having become the franchise player (as US sports fans say to be both the figurehead of the team and the one around which the entire workforce is built) of Atlético over the exploits of the club in the Champions League – a final lost in 2016 against Real Zinedine Zidane. The second: the movements of players of its importance are rare, and they require by a domino effect to reparamétrer some of the largest European teams; if only to mark the imagination of fans and win victories in this parallel competition that has become the transfer market.

Mute for two months

Thus, Real Madrid had planned to announce the arrival of the Belgian Eden Hazard the day after the final of the Champions League if the success of the sworn enemy of Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​the 1st June in Madrid. Barça having been eliminated in the semi-finals, the transfer of Hazard from Chelsea was announced Monday. After announcing his departure to the club, Griezmann unfolded his sequence on the paths dedicated: a short video where he thanked the supporters of Atlético for their kindness for five seasons.

Then he was silent, giving free rein to speculation: the player is dumb for two months, the sign that something was happening. If the striker of the Blues has not formally given the reasons for his departure, we can easily guess: Griezmann has finished believing that Atletico could take him to victory in the Champions League, the last two seasons of Colchoneros on the European front – elimination in the first round in 2017-2018, defeated in the eighth final this season against Juventus of Turin (2-0, 0-3) – saying the regression and even the decline. However, this victory in the Champions League conditions the obtaining of the Golden Ball, obsessing for players of this status. This limits the number of candidates that can accommodate the player.

according to Team, he has been negotiating for a few months with FC Barcelona, ​​which he finally refused to join in May 2018 when everything was stalled. Griezmann has even accepted a pay cut – 17 million euros annually, while he touches 3 more in Madrid – to return to the Catalan framework. The deeply collective nature of Griezmann's game, as well as his appetite (rather rare for such strong attackers) for the defensive tasks, leaves no doubt as to how the Barcelona cloakroom will welcome him: remains to convince fans who, the latest news (April 6 at Camp Nou), whistled lavishly after his non-attendance last season, played by fans blaugrana like a flip-flop.

A leaden arrival

Real Madrid has the means: 120 million from 1st July, the reasonable amount of the Griezmann release clause. But Real has just brought Hazard, while dreaming of Paul Pogba (for now) and Kylian Mbappé (for later): the rocking of Atlético to Real is not obvious, the coming Griezmann seems plumbed. The dominant English clubs also appear a notch behind: Liverpool does otherwise, the Manchester City coached by Pep Guardiola seems so so collectively that we can not imagine the club moving the lines in the proportions that would induce an arrival of the French international, Chelsea and Tottenham appear a little righteous to schedule a victory in the Champions League – even if Tottenham can achieve it in two weeks. Rest Bayern Munich, which starts from scratch after the departures of Franck Ribery or Arjen Robben.

And the Paris-SG? In private, the clan of the player has never held the club of the French capital in high esteem, a feeling widely shared by the superstars worldwide: three eliminations in the knockout stages of the Champions League in a row, it speaks, regardless of major tunes and hundreds of millions spent. In 2016, Griezmann was somewhat amused by a question about his potential interest in the Paris club. Of course, Neymar and Mbappé were not yet in the landscape. However, we can not say that the Parisian context has put them into orbit for the famous gold ball, the rivalry between Mbappé and Griezmann is not to be underestimated either.

Grégory Schneider

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