Griezmann wants to leave


Antoine Griezmann reported Tuesday to Diego Pablo Simeone and Miguel Ángel Gil Marín and Andrea Berta, in a meeting four, his desire to leave Atlético de Madrid this summer, most likely heading to FC Barcelona, ​​although he has not concretized his destiny.

After the frustrated signing last summer, when the French striker finally decided to stay in the rojiblanco set, it seems that the move of the Frenchman to Barcelona will take place at the end of this season.

Griezmann's contract with Atlético stipulates a termination clause of 200 million, but only until July 1. Then the figure will drop to 120 million, a figure very affordable for a club like Barça and "cheap" for the numbers in which the market has moved in the last two years.

If finally the departure of the Gaul is specified the Madrid club must, in addition to recompose their defense, rethink their line of attack for the next year. .


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