Griezmann will not follow Atlético

Astonished and sad half, Antoine Griezmann posted a video in the social networks that came to be, 10 months later, the second part of that famous 2018 summer decision that announced that he would follow Atlético de Madrid . Almost a year later, Griezmann confined himself to saying he would leave Atlético de Madrid. A season with a single title, the Super Cup in Europe, and many disappointments has changed a footballer's opinion that gradually approaches the Camp Nou. On July 1 the clause of rescission of the forward will be 120 million euros, currently it is 200 million. That day, without having to extend the series as well as last year, it will be known if Griezmann is finally Barça, although other clubs, such as Manchester United, have been interested.

A year ago, Griezmann surprised everyone by copying an American format, which LeBron James used, to explain that he preferred to follow Atlético despite having a good Barça offer. Then, Kosmos Studios, owned by Barça player, Gerard Piqué, posted on the networks the video The decision, which saw how Griezmann doubted, argued and chatted with his family about what would be the best decision for his future . A small short study, prepared, that outraged the Barça players, a hobby that whistled me a few weeks ago when Griezmann played at the Camp Nou with the Atlético shirt. But 10 months later French saw the different things and the second part was this uncut video that was seen in front of a wall in his house, with an improvised, repetitive speech, and announcing that he will pack his bags. "After talking with Diego Pablo Simeone, Miguel Ángel Gil Marin and the people of the offices, I wanted to speak with the fans of Atletico, a hobby that has always given me a lot of support. I have made the decision to go, to see other places and things, to face new challenges. It took me a long way to choose this path, but that is what I need right now. I would like to thank the support received in these five years in which I won my first titles. There were great moments, I will never forget them. I will always play Atlético in my heart. When you feel so dear, it is not easy to make such a decision. Thank you for everything, "said a Griezmann that, as the Mundo Deportiv progressed or, a few months ago, he already offered Barça. The decision, then, has not been improvised. Once Atlético was eliminated in the second round of the Champions League, Griezmann, who had won the World Cup in France, realized that in order to win titles he should look for a new club. And Barça, despite the Camp Nou's bid to the League game, is willing to pay 120 million to begin reinforcing the squad in attack.

From Ligt, priority

The defeat to Anfield against Liverpool has created debates within the club, especially between the sports management and the directive, on how to reinforce the project to aspire to the Champions League. One of the two priority names is that of the Dutch central Ajax Matthijs de Ligt, who, at 19, was one of the best players in this edition of the European Cup. Ligt wants to follow the path of teammate Frenkie de Jong, Barça's first signing for next season, and could cost between 75 and 80 million euros. Both the player and Ajax watch with good eyes an operation that will only be extended a little longer by the character of the defense representative, Agent Mino Raiola, who wants to impose a higher signing bonus. Raiola, who just received a FIFA penalty for his practice to the limit of the football regulations, does not have a good relationship with Barça, but De Ligt has never concealed he wants to be Barça. His parents already followed Barça, to the point that, at least, it was at the Camp Nou a few times on vacation. Barça breathe optimism in De Ligt and Griezmann's operations, which would cost around 200 million euros and force sellers such as Rakitic, Umtiti or Coutinho. Club sources confirm that one of these players, or two, will be sold in the summer with changes to the Camp Nou.

Griezmann, who did not tell Atlético yesterday, during his meeting with the club, what his destiny will be, is step by step to a Camp Nou where the fans' complicity will have to be won. that did not go well the first decision of the player of 28 years. The second decision has been made to wait less.

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