Groningen will have more trees along roads and kilometers of extra forest

The provincial government wants to plant more than 7.5 square kilometers of woodland, trees and hedgerows over the next 10 years. According to the Provincial Executive, it is in line with the ambition to make the province of Groningen greener.

The province wants to green the landscape for various reasons, says Commissioner Henk Staghouwer (ChristenUnie.

‘Forest furnishes the landscape’

‘We want more forest, trees and wood girths because it is good for the climate and the layout of the Groningen landscape. We do respect the openness of the landscape, but a forest gives the landscape a richer look. ‘


The forest will be planted in existing nature areas, such as Westerwolde, the South Westerkwartier and the area around Noordlaren. According to Staghouwer, Westerwolde already has a nature reserve that can be expanded.

‘It fits very nicely in those areas’, he continues. ‘As mentioned, we respect the landscape, so we do not intend to plant new forests in the Veenkoloniën, the Oldambt or the Hogeland.’

Trees along roads

In addition to planting forests, it is expected that trees will also be planted along bare roads. Wood belts are also added between meadows and fields to make the landscape greener. The province also wants to make business parks greener.

The expansion of 7.5 square kilometers of green space will be divided as follows: 50 percent extra forest will be added, 30 percent landscape elements and the rest for the greening of business parks and yards.

About ten years

The province is making 500,000 euros available for the next four years. The rest of the money that is needed may come from the State. The province has taken the National Forest and Wood Action Plan as its basis, in order to meet the Paris climate objectives. The program will take about 10 years in total. Staghouwer: “But we will start shortly.”

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