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Grosicki is leaving Pogoń Szczecin? “Talks will continue.” The specific direction of football

Kamil Grosicki’s return to Pogoń Szczecin was widely repeated in the Ekstraklasa. In the end, the 86-time Polish representative after more than a decade returned to the club where he played as a child. Grosicki has also proven his worth many times on the field. The Elyel played 27 games last season. He scored nine goals and assisted on seven goals. Pogoń was the leader of the league for a long time, but lost the chance to the championship some rounds before the end of the tournament.

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Grosicki can go, but on specific conditions

Grosicki, coming to Pogoń Szczecin, agreed to a two-year contract. So his contract expires at the end of June 2023. It is not known, however, whether he will stay longer at the club. – As far as I know, he has such a promise that if a good offer appears today, good for him, it is possible that Pogoń will leave this window. Overseas talks are underway – said Mateusz Borek in the program on the sports channel.

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If this information is confirmed, it will not be Grosicki’s first chance to play for another club. Already in January this year, the 33-year-old found himself at the center of interest in the French Lorient. – From what I hear, the French are terribly determined. A new offer will appear in Szczecin today or tomorrow. It will be 500 thousand. euro plus 300 thousand paid in case of holding Lorient – says Borek then about the details of the transaction. Grosicki, however, decided to stay at the club.

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Speculation about Grosicki’s departure from MLS continues for several weeks. Journalists only asked if the transfer could be made in summer or winter, when the season in the United States comes to an end. However, he was not informed which club in MLS would be really interested in the Pogoń footballer.

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