Grupo Pereira grows more than 5% after investing 23 million in the Malvinas and Mauritania fishing grounds

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05-15-2019 1:56 PM

Grupo Pereira closed 2018 with more than 50,000 tons of seafood placed on the market worth 155 million, 5.4% more than in the previous year. Of this amount, 50 million are exports. The Vigo company continues its positive evolution in the frozen sector, with a strategy in which fishing activity is the main priority and the structure of access to these resources is strengthened. In fact, its main investments have focused on improving the productivity of its two major business potentials: Malvinas and Mauritania.

On the one hand, the milestone that the ship delivery Argos Ces -valued at 20 million and built in the shipyards Nodosa Shipyarden Marn- to Jpiter Fishing Company, a company owned by Armadora Pereira and Argos Group, to operate in the Malvinas.

In addition, in 2018, the fishing group vigus invirti three million in the modernization of the Tazadit ship (former Argos Marine). In practice, this endowment has meant the entry of Pereira into the Mauritanian fishing ground, mainly to extract octopus. To manage this new business niche, the fishery has established the Fimbo Fish subsidiary in that country.

With these new infrastructures, the group founded by Jos Pereira already manages 20 fishing vessels, either directly or through investee companies, in seven fishing grounds in which it catches a total of 119 species, mainly squid, shrimp, hake and tuna. The company is number 10 in the sector, with a thousand employees, of which 400 are crewmembers of the ships and 600 ground workers. Of the latter group, 44% are women.

Pereira was one of the first owners to start up a strategic plan for fleet renewal that, in the medium term, it goes through the construction of new units for the different fishing grounds in which it operates. To process the fish, they have three plants and five refrigerators in Vigo, Pazos de Borbón, Senegal and Namibia.

By distribution channels, approximately 80% of your business corresponds to the wholesale sale and food service; 15% direct supply to hypermarkets and supermarkets; 3% to traditional fishmongers and about 2% to sale in its two own stores located in Vigo, according to the publication Alimarket.

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