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Where to find all the points and objectives in the scouting mission for the heist of Cayo Perico in GTA 5 Online? We list here all the important points to note.

On December 15, the robbery of Cayo Perico, the most ambitious update of GTA 5 Online. Rockstar Games saw the big picture and offers players the heist of the private island of El Rubio in several stages.

The players will have to start by identifying the important elements of the robbery. Some are mandatory while others are secondary but increase the total earnings of Cayo Perico Heist on GTA 5 Online.

Where to find all the points and objectives of the spotting mission for the Cayo Perico heist in GTA 5 Online?

After infiltrating the party on Cayo Perico island players will need to slip away without being spotted by the guards and will thus be guided by Pavel to identify the elements essential to launching the robbery (Madrazo file, entry and exit points). Once this is over players can continue to explore the island to find other elements and objectives to increase earnings and facilitate their entry or exit.

Note all the same thatit is possible to return to the island even after leaving it in order to locate everything. Find below the list of secondary elements to locate.

Points d’infiltration
  • Airstrip (North-West)
  • Parachute jump (requires the helicopter option of the submarine)
  • West beach
  • Which nord
  • Main quays (center of the island)
  • Hut in the north of the island
  • Water evacuation tunnel in the south of the island (near the base)
  • Infiltration point to the south (south-eastern end)
Exit points
  • Airstrip (North-West)
  • Which nord
  • Submarine
  • Main docks (center of the island)
Entry points into the base
  • Main Gate (Main Gate Camera)
  • North wall (North Wall camera)
  • North Gate (North Gate Camera)
  • South Wall (South Wall Camera)
  • South Gate (North Gate Camera)
  • Evacuation tunnel (swim south of the island)
Important elements
  • Control tower (North-West aerodrome)
  • Cutting pliers / 4
  • Grapins / 4
  • Guard clothing / 4
  • Energy station
  • Freight truck
Secondary objectives
  • Silver (Storage cameras)
  • Silver (center of the island near the road)
  • Or /3
  • Tables (Office camera – Cam 2)
  • Cannabis (see locations)
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After having identified the necessary elements, players will be able to begin preparation missions to gather weapons and equipment in order to attack Cayo Perico on GTA 5 Online.

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