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Oh I understand you

it’s also not that they are NOT allowed to use cosmetics (because then I can’t even buy a cosmetic for Hunt: Showdown myself anymore to support the developers )

But they do have a limited budget, and I definitely recommend spending this on games themselves, and / or faster hardware upgrades,

But I try to limit it super, and to explain to them that as you say they can only spend every euro once (my text is “you cant have your cake and eat it” :) )

And I also pepper them very well that as long as they are not 16 and have had their first real holiday job, all the money they have now has NOT worked for and they do not understand it yet.

As BlaDeKke also says below, I think it is indeed MUCH more difficult nowadays to teach the children this, they see far too many peers walking around with 800+ euro iphone’s and other incomprehensible junk, and what is extra distressing is that in a large number cases this is in families who actually TOTALLY don’t have the money to do this and TOTALLY don’t save.

I am not saying that we should end up in a police state, but if a large number of people were more likely to be reprimanded (and guided in money management) then all those people would not fall into the deep hole of debt mediation :( :(

If it is up to me, they may abolish all religion lessons at school and create a lesson “common sense and money management” instead. :)

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