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guided tour of a Parisian apartment under the influence of Art Deco

In a variation of blue, white and pink, an apartment with a view of the sky and the Eiffel Tower, renovated by the agency GCG Architectes. Between Arts Deco influences and contemporary design, frescoes, mosaics and carpets harmonize with serenity.

Like an extension of the sky, an invitation to travel, the fresco created by the artist Sacha Floch Poliakoff evokes a landscape of ancient Greece. The architects wanted this living room with its vast enveloping volume: rounded wood, deep sofa, Moroso, soft hand-made carpet, Maison S… Designed by GCG Architectes, the coffee table is a sculpture in the form of a lotus, whose ribs handmade ornaments of teak seem to vibrate. On top, a ceramic vase with a hammered metal sculpture, Homata.

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The living room. Nicolas Matheus

Each room has its adjoining bathroom. The children’s room has a shower with a cement tile wall with a graphic composition and, on the floor, a calmer tile floor reminiscent of a granite. The cremon bolt and window hinges were painted black to emphasize their finesse, and to save space, a mirror was installed at an angle.

Children’s bathroom. Nicolas Matheus

The parents’ bathroom is curvaceous and nested with rounded structures in the shower walls. Made by Cika in Lilikpó’s workshop, superb mosaics drawn on the walls and on the floor series scrolls in different materials and colors.

Parents’ bathroom. Nicolas Matheus

In the entrance, in a nod to the very graphic motifs of the years 1925-1930, stained glass made by L’Âme du Vitrail. A large blue painted bench cleverly hides the radiator, and on the floor, a carpet by Marguerite Le Maire takes the two shades of blue.

Enter. Nicolas Matheus

Softness for the master bedroom: on the walls, a very dull, patinated white paint; the ceiling like a deep blue canopy contrasted with touches of pink, very pale for the head, and stronger on the carpet. Plaid, Moaroom. Sheets and pillows, La Redoute Interiors. Maison Dada bedside table.

The master bedroom. Nicolas Matheus

In the children’s room, the sky blue gently colors the ceiling and the deeper blue underlines the shelves in the playful form of a small house. On the wallpaper, More than the colors, abundant foliage, a forest like a refuge for Nicolas Mathéus’s photo of the floor lamp and small birds.

The child’s room. Nicolas Matheus

An accordion partition separates the living room from a small library room. When it is folded, the two living rooms are one, spacious and crossed. Deployed, the partition isolated the small room which became a guest room. The four color palettes created by the architects are present in the “capsule” motif, taken from the wood of the living room, carved from the wood and dressed in colored leather.

The small library room. Nicolas Matheus

Copper brings touches of gold in the furniture and, here too, in the tables and white-blonde napkins, CFOC × Valérie Barkowski.

Linen table and napkins, CFOC × Valérie Barkowski. Nicolas Matheus

Cika, from Lilikpó’s workshop, custom made the kitchen table top tiles. Glasses and decanters, Monoprix.

Tile top of the kitchen table. Nicolas Matheus

On the walls of the dining room, we find wood created by GCG Architectes, painted matte white around the edges and bright inside, topped with blue sky, like a horizon line. The high ceiling with pattern reproduced like a kaleidoscope, designed by Atelier d’Offard, is surrounded by darker blue that gives intimacy. Around the table, the chairs, Werner Panton, covered with a Lelièvre fabric. Foot tray, CFOC.

The dining room. Nicolas Matheus

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