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Gus-Gus is dunking blood

by drbyos

To say that the conditions are idyllic for Born under a lucky star would be lying. Aurélie Valognes is one of those unfortunate writers whose books, released in early March, saw their careers cut short. In this group, she stands out for her status as a bestseller. His sixth novel was printed in 120,000 copies. As soon as Born under a lucky star, two titles from her were in the Top 5 best sellers: the new one, and the icing on the cake, of which the pocket book version was released at the same time, printed in 180,000 copies. Aurélie Valognes is a colleague of Guillaume Musso, Joël Dicker and others. By car Simone!, Wait a minute ! and The haphazard sailed between 430,000 and 620,000 copies (large format and pocket combined). Granny in nettles, his first novel, has exceeded one million copies in the paperback, after being spotted originally by Michel Lafon. At the start of this week, the two titles still totaled 75,000 copies. The author, who gives her email address at the end of her books, continues to receive messages from readers every day, proof that her novel, despite everything, was not stillborn.

What is the curriculum?

Gustave, the hero, is in academic difficulty. We pick it when it enters CP. Gus-Gus is slow and clumsy although he understands quickly, has trouble with the b and the d, takes the expressions literally, responds to the masters with a poetry that passes for insolence. Qualities: he knows the name of animals better than adults that offends him. He is passionate about history (s), more lively than his older sister, Joséphine the good pupil, to solve the puzzles. He is not stupid. As he has “The big heart and the short memory”, he endures the insults. He was not “Born under a lucky star”: his birthday, March 11, was that of Fukushima and the death of Claude François. Gustave is drowning, and continues to hit rock bottom year after year. Fortunately, we leave him in class of 5e.

Who is bleeding?

Gustave’s best support is his mother, so he is inclined to protect her. The parents divorce at the end of CM2, a delicate passage. “When a father introduced a friend to him for a weekend of alternate custody, Gustave didn’t like him at all: she didn’t smell like a mom.” Noémie will give up. Then comes Mshe Bergamot, “School dropout representative”, which prevents the orientation of his protégé to a professional path. The wickedness of some fails to traumatize poor Gus-Gus for life. But Aurélie Valognes raises the bar at college to describe an exemplary teacher and pay tribute to the profession.

Bourdieu, are you there?

At the age of 10, Gustave was struck down by the notion of homogamy. You don’t escape your social class. His mother is a nursing assistant, his father inspects construction sites, they live in a city: he will not marry a chic Parisian. Can his sister and he, so different, get away with it? Aurélie Valognes, of course, demonstrates that nothing is being played out. She does it a bit in school. But, given the subject, it was the least of things.

Claire Devarrieux

Aurélie Valognes

Born under a lucky star Mazarine, 340 pp., € 18.90 (ebook: € 9.99).


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