Gwinnett's man wanted a $ 80K dating scheme captured in Tennessee


A man accused of stealing $ 80,000 was stolen from Alpharetta's wife who turned him on a dating website Tuesday in Tennessee.

John Martin Hill, 34, said the woman was told he was a millionaire and convinced her that they were in love. Within a week of the meeting on, they agreed to marry, according to Gwinnett County police. It was intended to sell the money to buy their first house.

When the money was changed, the woman never heard him again, Cpl's police spokesman. Michele Pihera said.

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The police issued a photo of Hill on Tuesday morning and asked the public to find it. Before the day was out, he was behind the bars in Franklin, Tenn.

There is a charge at Knock with deception in Gwinnett County. Since the charge was published, Pihera said that the police had heard from some other women that they were in a relationship with Hill or that they knew another woman was.

The police are hoping that Alpharetta's unfortunate women will be a warning story for others looking for love online.

“As you meet someone online, be very careful about sharing personal information, financial information, or cash with someone in the early stages of a relationship,” said Pihera on Wednesday in a newspaper. “These types of man are very good at manipulating their victims. They usually say what a woman wants to hear. ”

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According to the investigators, the scheme commenced March 27. Hillret and Alpharetta's wife exchanged messages on the dating site and decided to meet in person later on the same day. The next proposal came.

“During his love, he convinced her that they loved and wanted to buy a house together,” said Pihera. “They went hunting and chose a house they were interested in.” T

The woman thought her contribution of $ 80,000 would help with a down payment at home and that she would buy some furniture for the couple. She did not know that Hill was already living in an apartment in Duluth with a woman and another child, according to the police.

The investigators learned that Hill changed its name more than five times in the past three years and is tasked with doing similar acts in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey. They did not quantify the number of cases linked to Knock.

According to police in Franklin, Hill officials tracked that Marriott hotel on Tuesday night acting on top. When he faced him, it was alleged that Hill entered a hotel conference room and was hidden under a table. He came out on officers orders and arrested him.

Hill, whose address is listed in South Carolina, is held in Williamson County prison in Franklin instead of a $ 500,000 bond. It is expected to be extradition to Georgia, Franklin police said.

“By sharing this story, we hope he will not be able to victimize any other women who use this scam,” said Pihera.

The authorities are encouraging other women who think they are a victim of fraud to contact their local police department.