Gymnastics has its rivals in the League Cup

In this way, Gymnastics share Zone with him Fort and the Globe who staged a dispute in the previous one to know who of the two teams was considered the sixth member of the first ciborium where they were called “great” and generated a strong discord.

The third member accompanying Gymnastics in Zone 6 is Board of Trustees, who is already an old acquaintance of the Lobo With whom he had been fighting for permanence in the first division during the last Argentine soccer tournaments, so he will have it face to face again.


In this way, your visit to Pattern in Between rivers It will be the only long trip outside the Province of Buenos Aires he will have to perform, given that his two other rivals Velez Y Hurricane they have their stadiums in Federal capital.

Finally, it should be clarified that the matches of the Professional League Cup will be back and forth in this first phase, therefore Gymnastics in the Forest Like the rest of their rivals, they will add a total of 6 games and then advance to the next instance according to the placement with which they have finished their area.

Gimnasia fixture.png

Gymnastics will integrate Zone 6


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