Habi will generate employment and make a millionaire investment in Barranquilla

The platform, which has a business model that seeks to boost the used housing market, arrived in the capital of Atlántico on May 8, and will invest 12,000 million in the real estate sector through transactions in used housing. Habi will generate employment and make a millionaire investment in Barranquilla.

With the purpose of accompanying the Barranquilleros to make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives: to sell their home.

“We started our operations in Barranquilla and we are going to carry out transactions worth $ 12,000 million in used housing during 2021, in order to inject liquidity into the market. Our business model has been attractive in the other cities where we are operating, and we know that this will not be the exception for those looking for an easy and reliable solution. We have already started to consolidate our team in the city and we will hire more than 30 people by the end of the year ”, assured Brynne M. Rojas, co-founder of Habi.

The company started operations in some areas of two towns in the north of the city: Riomar and Norte Centro Histórico, in some neighborhoods such as Villa Carolina, Villa Santos, Riomar, Altos de Riomar, Alameda del Río, Campoalegre, Los Nogales, La Cumbre, The Alps and Miramar.

The company’s co-founder and CEO added: “our strategy is to fully understand the neighborhoods, which allows us to price each property through technology and an algorithm that works with artificial intelligence based on data that we collect from our own databases. and public. Thus, we can ensure that the client can make an informed decision about the sale of their home ”.

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Relevant data of the sector

The company has been dedicated to analyzing market information to allow those who want to sell their home, real estate, independent real estate agents, and other actors, to better understand the panorama of the sector in the region and make decisions based on data.

Habi will generate employment and make a millionaire investment in Barranquilla

According to a study of the city carried out by Habi, the total number of properties that the city has is equivalent to 356,810, of which 242,445 are residential and in recent years, the value of new housing in total is 7.94% .

Of the 242,445, 29.9% (that is, 72,421) are condominium dwellings of more than 10 units, and 17.9% (that is, 43,451) are in horizontal property of more than 50 units. “Some reasons that can explain this preference of Barranquilla is that this type of property generates a sense of security and tranquility; and they mostly have special equipment, such as a swimming pool, gym, guarded park, games, green areas, etc. ”, said Juan Sokoloff, Director of Analytics at Habi.

Habi, one of the companies with the greatest projection in the country

The company has the backing and investment of the prestigious US investment firm that has an impact worldwide; Tiger Global Management, known for investing in strategic and innovative companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Mercadolibre, Despegar, Xiomi, among others. Also, Homebrew, a classic seed capital fund, in San Francisco; Zigg, technology specialists; Inspired Capital, a New York venture capital fund; 8VC, a San Francisco venture capital firm; among others. This will allow the company to be the largest home buyer in Barranquilla.

Habi will generate employment and make a millionaire investment in Barranquilla

“Our purpose is to democratize and contribute to the growth of the sector in the city, hand in hand with the different actors such as construction companies, real estate companies and independent agents to facilitate the home sale processes for clients,” said Brynne M. Rojas.

How does Habi work?

You must enter the habi.co page and provide the property information online; The company is in charge of analyzing its characteristics, evaluating it by means of an algorithm made with artificial intelligence. In this way, the owner will be contacted by the platform to make a pre-offer of the property, and schedule a visit, if he agrees.

In the sale process, the company provides the client with an offer based on data, visits the home only once and takes care of the repairs, the notarial expenses, and all the advice and support that the person may need during the process. If the response of the owner of the property is positive and accepts the proposal presented by Habi, the owner would receive the cash payment for the sale of the home.

Habi will generate employment and make a millionaire investment in Barranquilla.


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