Hachazo by Ricardo Costa and stumble by Vctor Senra at the beginning of rali Ras Baixas

Arranc with mpetu rali Ras Baixas, third scoring test for the Galician championship of asphalt. An urban stretch of barely2.27 kilometersthe delight of the assistants and caused an important rollover in the expectations of the main pilots of the autonomic contest.

In the list of registered was missing two of the classified in positions of privilege in the absolute general (Manuel Senra and Ivn Ares, third and fourth). Both are to other wars. But yesterday it was shown that those who surrender to the Gallego do it with tesn and the hack of the PortugueseRicardo Costa, seconded by the Asturian championPalacio and with Alberto Meira(tenth in the general after abandonment in Noia) andIago Caamaoon the lookout, he predicts a great second day of the Ras Baixas from a quarter past eight this morning.

In three seconds the first four of the interim were conceded after twice covering the urban section of Vigo-O Castro. The public covered the margins of the route and witnessed the passage of the 152 pilots targeted to the third party of the ralis in Galicia.

On the contrary, the last winner of the race did not start in the best possible way,Manuel Fernndez, thrown to the twenty-first position until the start of today's day.

Neither did the current leader and defender of the absolute title have good fortune,Vctor Senra, who suffered a spin on the treacherous stretch of land and lost eleven seconds. Today he will start as ninth classified, twelve and a half seconds behind the leader, the Portuguese Ricardo Costa.

The section of Salceda, which starts at 19.42 hours on Saturday, terminate the third test of the autonomic.



1. Ricardo Costa / Rui Vilaa 3: 23.971

2. scar Palacio / J. L. Snchez to 0.398

3. Alberto Meira / J. Murado to +1.028

4. I. Caamao / A. Rodrguez to 2,660

5. Alberto Nimo / J. A. Painter to 10,596

6. A. Fernndez / A. Lopez to 11,067


1. Vctor Senra / David Vzquez 448

2. Ricardo Costa / Rui Vilaa 315

3. Manuel Senra / Faustino Surez 252


Section Km Time

Vigo-Alba-Nigrn 11.52 8.14

Gondomar-Porrio 11.53 9.12

Salceda 12,12 10.00

Vigo-Alba-Nigrn 11.52 13.10

Gondomar-Porrio 11.53 14.08

Exit 12,12 14.56

Vigo-Alba-Nigrn 11.52 18.06

Gondomar-Porrio 11.53 18.59

Exit 12,12 19.42

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