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Finding the fissures in a system is a useful skill, especially when the system is corrupt, omnipotent, and discards the individual, as in an aggressive and heartless natural selection. The law of the jungle and the Wild West, in the XXI century when we sleep surrounded by constitutions and declarations of human rights for angels and cherubs.

The millions of young micro-investors who organized through the massive platform Reddit, to hack, with an unexpected organizational move, the foundations of the manipulation of the stock market that the great capitals of Wall Street have been carrying out, without control, demonstrated that it is possible to beat the big and manipulative powers. Two facts are remarkable; the knowledge of the system, the youth and the capacity to convene and organize that seems to be the very foundation of the networks, their generational stamp.

In Colombia, during the last elections to the presidency, similar events were presented: the so-called Petro wineries, which were nothing more than the union of millions of people through social networks, without any kind of administrative structures, and in a clear voluntary service. And impetuous, they flooded the internet with advertising, with messages, with memes and with the trills that turned the trends and the generation of opinion around, fighting against the billions of pesos invested by politicians permeated by drug trafficking and corruption. It was not enough, according to superficial events, it was overwhelming in the depths of that old, fearful Colombia, clinging to its abusers, deceived, intimidated, humiliated. They can take their speeches from the Vietnam times and talk about communism and other apocalyptic scarecrows, but the truth is that it is no longer the same country.

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Democracy must be hacked, plutocracy in the case of Colombia, the organization of young people must be just as massive, the contribution of each one cannot be only in social networks and in going out to the squares to shout; This is also earned with funds, you have to donate, look for donors (in general, good politicians do not have great financial resources, normally the one who invests a lot is because he is going to recover it in some way) to turn each person into a leader, because all those who have killed us and for whom we must fight so that their death is not in vain are going to be needed, we must watch the voting tables, offer ourselves as electoral witnesses. Doing activism from networks is comfortable and effective, but it is not enough. All the money from corruption, from economic groups and from drug trafficking, will lead to the next electoral contest, the country is hungry and sells easy, if Aida Merlano says that votes were bought up to 200,000 pesos; Now with the unfavorable handling of the establishment, they are going to pay votes at high amounts, it does not hurt, it is money from us or from the drug business and what is at stake is a lot, to continue squeezing the citizen to accumulate wealth and risk their freedom, because in a fairly healthy country, everyone should be paying for their crimes in the saddest of prisons.

Choosing a congress and a president that will get us out of this mess of slobber that takes centuries, make history, preserve life, good old age and that the country is for everyone, it is possible, we must believe it, even if we swim in that hopeless deluge which is the daily news.

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