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The nomination committee in Rogaland Conservatives has nominated Athar Ali Tajik in sixth place. Thus, the Labor Party’s first candidate in the county, Hadia Tajik (37), can be joined by her big brother in the Storting in the next period.

– Hadia would have liked to have seen me join the Labor Party, and she was a little disappointed when I joined the Conservative Party in 2010. Since then, she has supported me and cheered on me, says Athar Ali Tajik.

The 38-year-old doctor has been a member of the Conservative Party for ten years, but has not had any prominent role.

– Among other things, I have been part of Rogaland Høyre’s talent program, and I think it is incredibly exciting to be shown more than such trust. It is a wonderful opportunity.

PREGNANT: Hadia Tajik is a guest at Lindmo on October 16, where she is open about expecting children, after many years of involuntary infertility.

Photo: Julie Naglestad / NRK

Aps deputy chairman and fiscal policy spokesperson congratulates the brother in an SMS to NRK:

– Rogaland Conservatives are lucky to have gotten hold of such a talented man. I wish him luck, writes Tajik.

Passionate about health and technology

While Hadia is a trained journalist and lawyer, her brother is a doctor.

Athar Ali is a specialist in heart disease. he has worked at the hospital in Stavanger for almost ten years, in recent years as a cardiologist. He has also been a consultant at Deloitte and works on projects at the intersection of health, technology and welfare.

The 38-year-old now works as a medical director in the Norwegian Commission of Inquiry for the health and care service.

Athar Ali Tajik, director of the National Commission of Inquiry into Health and Care Services, Ukom, and candidate for Rogaland Conservatives in the 2021 Storting election.

SUBJECT DIRECTOR: Doctor Athar Ali Tajik works as medical director at Ukom, the Norwegian Commission of Inquiry into the health and care service, with headquarters in Stavanger.

Photo: Anett Johansen Espeland / NRK

His political goal is to create better and safer patient care.

– I have been on many long night shifts. Comforted people. Treated people in all different phases of life. Since then, I have gained expertise in health economics and technology.

Proud of the sister

Athar Ali and Hadia grew up in Bjørheimsbygd in Strand, where his father ran a convenience store. The father also visited Rosenberg Verft, which welds.

The parents immigrated from Pakistan in the early 1970s. Athar Ali is not worried that the two siblings represent parties that have traditionally been arch-enemies.

– I do not see it as enmity. In the debate on the private and public sector, the Conservatives and the Labor Party have slightly different approaches, but a joint mission to create better services, he says.

The 38-year-old is very proud of what the current and prominent politician sister has achieved. Friday night she’s guest on the NRK program Lindmo, where she tells about the child she is expecting and about involuntary infertility.

– It is very exciting. I’m so happy she’s having a baby.

The future uncle is going to sit in front of the TV.

– Yes, I have to see.

Can get spare space

Rogaland Conservatives currently have four parliamentary representatives. Tina Bru, Sveinung Stensland, Margret Hagerup and Aleksander Stokkebø top the list from the nomination committee. Bent Høie is not running for re-election.

If the nomination meeting in the county party supports the unanimous recommendation on 7 November, it may be time for a deputy seat in the Storting for Tajik.

Janne Johnsen at Sunnfjord hotel

NOMINATED: Leader of the nomination committee in Rogaland Høyre, Janne Johnsen.

Photo: Aleksander Åsnes / NRK

– He has broad experience in important issues such as innovation and innovation, and made a good impression. It looks bright for his opportunities in such situations now, says leader of the nomination committee, Janne Johnsen.

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