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Häfele Group: Corona is affecting Nagold companies less than feared – Nagold & surroundings

Parent company stable

Business at the parent company in Germany was almost stable with a minus of 1.3 percent, while Western Europe reported a decline of 9.3 percent. UK (United Kingdom), Italy and Spain had to cope with the greatest loss in sales. There were even greater losses in South and Southeast Asia (including India) at – 20 percent, while other regions such as East Asia and Oceania with the important markets of Australia and China as well as Eastern Europe even finished slightly above the previous year’s level.

The global business and tourist travel activities that had come to a standstill had a decisive influence on the decline in sales at Häfele. This was particularly noticeable in the Asian markets. In recent years, Häfele has positioned itself very well in the hospitality industry with its 360 ° property service – but many properties were stopped in 2020.

The traditional Häfele craft market segment, on the other hand, proved to be extremely crisis-resistant throughout the world. Quite different in the environment of the furniture industry, where it was rather highly volatile, starting with a deep fall and a subsequent rapid rise due to the pandemic-induced homing trend.

Closer intermeshing

Against the background of the pandemic, the Häfele Group took measures as early as February 2020 to secure the supply chain – even beyond the crisis – and to dovetail the companies of the group more closely. Global requirements were compared with global stocks in order to be able to better meet the supply of goods to customers. “With the tight inventory management it was possible to remain ready for delivery all year round without any notable bottlenecks. The supply of the companies with the necessary inventory was ensured”, writes the company in a press release.

It goes on to say: “Overall, Häfele reacted quickly and dynamically to the adversities and challenges of the pandemic over the course of the year. All work processes were adapted to the pandemic risks in a very short time and with great commitment from employees in all areas of the company.” Comprehensive regulations in administration, for home office use, in logistics and in sales were a guarantee that operations could be maintained without interruption.

“As we have all learned, the pandemic has its own dynamic, which is difficult to predict and influence,” says company director Sibylle Thierer. In the entire 2020 reporting year, Häfele developed better than forecast in May. The upswing in autumn had such a positive effect that the massive effects of the virus pandemic on the Häfele business, which had been predicted in the second quarter, were significantly limited overall.

With confidence

Against the background of this experience, the plan is to continue driving carefully on sight in 2021. Planned investments amounting to 60 million euros are to be viewed primarily from a strategic point of view and flow into logistics, IT-supported processes and new services that ease the burden on customers. Overall, Häfele looks to the new year with confidence.

The fact that nothing remains of the much deeper dent in the global economic crisis in 2009 is helpful in the medium term. “Häfele has the courage, the creativity and the strength to emerge stronger from a crisis. We will also tackle the 2020/2021 crisis with confidence and, as a long-term family company, look to the opportunities that present themselves”, says Sibylle Thierer.


Häfele is an international group of companies with headquarters in Nagold, Germany. The family company was founded in 1923 and today serves the furniture industry, architects, planners, craftsmen and retailers in furniture and building fittings, electronic locking systems and LED light in more than 150 countries worldwide. Häfele develops and produces in Germany and Hungary. In the 2020 financial year, the Häfele Group achieved an export share of 79 percent with 8,000 employees, 38 subsidiaries and numerous other agencies worldwide and a turnover of 1.39 billion euros.


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