Hala Shiha’s first birthday in Moez Masoud’s cage. Video

Another happy occasion celebrated by the artist Hala Shiha, 14 days after entering the marital cage with Moez Masoud, which is her birthday, as she was born on this day February 23 to a Lebanese mother and an Egyptian father in 1979.

The beginning of her artistic career was in 1997 through the series “Eagle of the East”, but her starting point was when she participated in the series The Other Man 1999, and entered the field of cinema through the film Why Made Me Love You in 2000, then a groom from the side of security, peace and snake, then she retired from acting after filming the whole movie. She acted while wearing a hijab, and recently returned to the artistic field and participated in the series Earthquake 2019.

The love story of Hala and the preacher Moez Masoud sparked controversy in mid-June until it culminated in marriage on February 9, 2021, and considering her husband a producer in us, Hala Shiha did not rule out the production of one of her artistic works.


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