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Half a million FIBA ​​awards / News for LKL winner “Rytas”

Vilnius Rytas, who became the Lithuanian champion, was guaranteed maximum monetary prizes. The triumph of the LKL championship alone will bring the team about half a million euros.

The biggest bite from the FIBA ​​Champions League. According to the BasketNews site, “Rytas” will receive 400 thousand from this organization for first place in the national championship. ero.

Another 76.5 miles. LKL distributes euros to champions this season.

Since this season, LKL has provided teams for victory at regular stages – 1.5 thousand. to win. “Rytas” and “Žalgiris” achieved 26 victories each and earned 39 thousand each. ero.

Financial injections for the results of the Lithuanian League are provided in the Rytas contract with the FIBA ​​Champions League.

In 2020, the capital club moved from the Euroleague organization, the European Cup, to the Champions League, and the outstanding conditions agreed to become Rytas’s decision pillar.

According to the BasketNews website, the Rytas supplement for participation in the Champions League is 70 thousand. EUR 50 thousand to enter the Top 16 stage. ero.

The total number of bonuses in the Champions League for 2021-2022. season – 520 thousand. ero. The LKL supplement will amount to approximately 115.5 thousand. EUR, and from both leagues – about 635.5 thousand. ero.

Remigijus Šimašius watched the triumph of “Rytas” in LKL up close.

Photo LKL

Ryto’s budget for this season was slightly higher than $ 3 million. ero. Vilnius municipality during 2019-2021. allocated $ 1.2 million to the team during the funding period. ero.

Last November, support was approved for a new three-year cycle (2022-2024), during which LTL 1.45 million is allocated to Rytas each year. ero.

The municipality is Ryto’s largest shareholder, managing 16 of the club’s 40 parties.

Panevėžys Lietkabelis will receive about 61 thousand LKL for the second place. EUR 34.5 thousand for 23 victories in the regular season. ero. On the European front, the Panevėžys team from the Euroleague organization guaranteed 100 thousand. euro supplement.

Kaunas “Žalgiris” bronze from LKL will receive about 85 thousand. EUR (about 46 thousand – for third place, 39 thousand – for victory in the reg. Season).

The team of Šiauliai-7bet, which is among the strongest four, won about 53 thousand. EUR bonus (about 30.5 thousand – for fourth place, 22.5 thousand euros – victory in the reg. Season).

2021-2022 LKL’s seasonal price fund is a record throughout history, with projections reaching 554.5 thousand. ero.

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