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Hamburg election: First election after the political quake – CDU threatens to crash

Ramelow is certain to be elected in the first ballot

Bodo Ramelow is counting on his re-election in the Erfurt state parliament. “I firmly assume that I will get enough votes from the democratic groups on March 4 in the first ballot without being dependent on AfD votes,” he told the “Thuringian General”. Ramelow also made it clear that there were no corresponding commitments from the CDU parliamentary group. “There is no agreement with the CDU that their faction will elect me.” There was not even talk of that.

“On the contrary: Instead, we have consistently talked about the fact that the Thuringian CDU must of course observe its federal decisions,” said Ramelow of the “Thuringian General”. “That was the starting point and was respected by all four groups at the table.”

Left, SPD and Greens get 42 out of 90 votes in the Thuringian state parliament. For the majority of 46 deputies required in the first ballot, red-red-green relies on votes from the CDU or FDP.

Ramelow expressed understanding for the situation of the Thuringian Union. “I have always emphasized that the negotiating partners on our part should not be allowed to contradict their decisions,” he said. “Everyone had to come out of the door with their nose on their faces,” he explained.

Ramelow confirmed that the Left, SPD, Greens and CDU want to reach a written agreement. “We, that is Red-Red-Green and CDU, will continue to work on a common protocol from Monday,” he told the newspaper. “It is about attitudes towards GDR injustice, school peace, municipal grants or rural areas. It is not a contract or tolerance, but a protocol that we also call the stability mechanism. ”

According to Ramelow, the protocol is intended to ensure “that Thuringia can be governed stably for one year until the new elections in April 2021 without the AfD being involved”. “It applies from the moment I am sworn in – and from that I also gain emotional security for my election in the first ballot,” he said.


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