Hamburg-Stuttgart connection: Flixtrain expands its long-distance transport services


Starting in December, the travel company Flixtrain is expanding its offer in long-distance rail transport. Seven new destinations will be connected to the timetable change to the existing long-distance train network, the company said on Wednesday. On the route Berlin-Stuttgart the stops Halle (Saale), Erfurt, Eisenach and Gotha are added. The previous connection between Berlin and Cologne is also being expanded – in the east to the holding Lutherstadt Wittenberg, in the west the train continues to Aachen.

From the Flixtrain route between Hamburg and Cologne, the company wants to be faster. "On the new express connection, the journey between the two cities takes just over three and a half hours," Flixtrain said. So far, travelers were depending on the connection according to the timetable information at least four hours on the road.

Flixtrain offers a new connection between Hamburg and Stuttgart

Flixtrain also offers a new connection between Hamburg and Stuttgart from the spring of next year. "The route will lead via Hannover, Göttingen, Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Fulda, Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Heidelberg," it said. Accordingly, three departures per day and direction are to be offered by the summer. Flixtrain is the train brand of Flixmobility, which dominates the market for coach travel in Germany with its Flixbus market.

While there are already numerous competitors in regional and freight transport alongside Deutsche Bahn, long-distance traffic has so far remained firmly in the hands of the state-owned company: Flistrain has been its only competitor there so far. At the beginning of September, however, Rheinjet from Meerbusch near Düsseldorf had announced that it would be offering a train service between Stuttgart, Munich and Frankfurt from the beginning of November. A train should approach the three cities every two weeks on Friday, one after the other, it said.

Neither the new competitor nor the now announced expansion of Flixtrain should change the high market share of Deutsche Bahn in long-distance traffic but much: This was recently according to the Monopolies Commission at 99 percent.


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