“Hands off John Paul II”. Interview with Cardinal Ruini

The McCarrick Report, the government of John Paul II, his collaborators (starting with Dziwisz). Did John Paul II become a saint too soon? “No, that’s why”

The New York Times writes that John Paul II was made a saint too soon, the National Catholic Reporter calls for his cult to be suppressed in America. Instead of Theodore McCarrick, the Report dedicated to him and containing in 447 pages all the misdeeds of the former archbishop of Washington, the gaze of the observers immediately went to Karol Wojtyla, looking for his name in the massive document published a week ago by the Vatican. Did John Paul II know or did he not know who McCarrick really was? And if he knew, why did he promote him to the Washington office with a cardinal’s hat? Camillo Ruini, cardinal, was for two decades a close collaborator of the Polish Pontiff, vicar of Rome and president of the CEI. We ask him to comment on what is being written and said about Karol Wojtyla.

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