Hands that give relief and support during municipal vaccination

To keep the public order on Guayaquil it takes a steady hand. Karen Erazo has learned it in streets from town, where for a year and four months he has collaborated with the Metropolitan Control Agents Corps.

“I remember that I had been an agent for a month and there was an alert for the Las Iguanas park, in the center. A young woman was screaming because a man had stolen her cell phone and together with a colleague we arrested him until the police arrived ”.

Now he offers his strong arm to guide with patience to older adults who arrive at the vaccination point against the covid-19, installed by the Municipality in the Bolivarian Higher University Institute of Technology (ITB).

Jacket Agent 909 leads a brigade made up of 12 women and six men, recently graduated from the Metropolitan Police. They take care of provide security and a helping hand to those who arrive with Canes o en wheelchairs.

“The best reward is the smile of the elderly,” says Erazo. We are attentive to the entire process to help them, always taking care of them with biosecurity measures, such as the continuous use of alcohol ”.

About 1 000 people are part of the Logistics of the immunization plan coordinated between the Cabildo and the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), which began last Tuesday, April 13, with the goal of reaching 1.8 million Guayaquil residents.

They are metropolitans, students of Nursing and other careers, firefighters, traffic officers, doctors from private clinics Y municipal officials that provide support at three vaccination points. All, these days, have stopped their daily activities.

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In the first three days, those who are part of this initiative They have contributed to coverage of 3 651 people with the first dose. In the country, 485,132 doses have been applied until April 15, according to the MSP.

Behind a suffocating plastic visor, equipped with a double mask, gloves, cap and surgical gown, Josselyn Cuero demonstrates the experience that the four levels of the Higher Technician in Nursing career at ITB have left him. About 600 students from this institute were summoned as volunteers.

The last year has not been easy, particularly for those who are trained in Health Sciences. Josselyn was ready to do her internship at a hospital or dispensary, but everything changed with the pandemic.

The institution opened spaces of attention in their facilities, to develop the skills of students, under strict sanitary measures and negative PCR tests. Now, for vaccination, he selected the most outstanding, who underwent training from the Ministry of Health.

“From the first moment I was committed to doing things well,” says the student. When I saw my first patient I asked him: ‘Did it hurt?’ And he said: ‘no, he has a good hand’, it was an immense joy ”. That day he had 15 vaccines.

Before getting to the application of the dose, those summoned must verify their data with the typists. Marcelo Espinoza was the one who registered the first patient from this vaccination point.

The ITB Technology in Administration student remembers that it should have reassured him. “The greeting and the friendly treatment help to dissipate the nerves.”

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Registration in the application of the SMEs it takes no more than two minutes. In some cases it can be a little longer, because not everyone has the email address on hand.

That requirement is essential. In this way, the immunization certificate and also the date of the next dose. Therefore, Espinoza has even resorted to phone calls to contact the family members who carried out the inscription and complete the steps.

Nervousness and anxiety are frequent symptoms among older adults before receiving a puncture that is later, for many, imperceptible. Gianella Giler patiently tries to calm them down upon arrival.

She is part of the Solidarity Commission of the Mayor’s Office, made up of 17 municipal officials. Giler is coordinator of the General Secretariat of the Cabildo; He tends to divide his schedule between delegating tasks to his staff and volunteering missions.

The women in white vests have managed to deliver households low-income families and have taken destitute people off the street to transfer them to shelters.

This week they were part of the first contact with those who attended the vaccination. They were welcomed under large tents, with bottled water, new masks for those who needed them, and wheelchairs. They even remain in observation rooms for possible adverse reactions.

“We make them feel that they are accompanied, because some come alone,” says Giler. In the end, they are so grateful that many
they don’t want to leave.

On leaving the ITB, the metropolitan agents they are willing to guide them to their cars or to find them a taxi. His watch ends at 18:00.

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The metropolitan agent Erazo says that the pandemic has diversified its functions. From this week they will not only protect the points of vaccination; They will also be ready in their uniforms to load the boxes with provisions that they will take to barrios from Guayaquil.


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