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Hannah Cornelius spent 11 hours in hell and killing a student

Hannah Cornelius was gang raped and murdered during an 11-hour "hell ride" organized by killers who terrorized selected women in the street.

The terrifying ordeal began when the 21-year-old student and a friend were caught red-handed car hijacking in the middle of the night in May 2017.

Hannah is forced to sit in the back seat of her car and, along with her 22-year-old friend Cheslin Marsh, has been driven to the point where their captors decide to end their lives.

Cheslin survived after being beaten with bricks and left for dead, but Hannah was repeatedly raped and taken to an isolated location in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where she was stabbed at the back of the neck.

The student Hannah Cornelius, 21, died during a night of terror

His killers did not stop there. They pursued in his blue and white Volkswagen Citi Golf and attacked two other women before the end of their criminal adventure a few hours later.

May 27, 2017 – 3:23 am

We see Hannah's car parked in the grass to drop Cheslin, her classmate, into a video surveillance footage captured by a camera placed outside a store.

They were tired after a night of dancing and dominoes and sat down to talk for a few minutes, ignoring all the noise that was hovering nearby, TimesLIVE reported in a video titled "11 Hours, 4 Victims, 1 Infernal Drive".

The four men walk near Hannah's car

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The video shows four men – Nashville Julius, 29, Geraldo Parsons, 27, Eben Van Niekerk, 28, and Vernon Witbooi, 33 – who were coming up about five minutes later.

Julius and Witbooi had told police, in separate interviews, that they were heading to an apartment building after seeing the car with two passengers inside.

They decide to approach and steal the occupants.


The men – armed with a screwdriver and a knife – attack Hannah and Cheslin in the car.

The screwdriver is held against Hannah's chest and the pair is stolen – Hannah from her purse and cell phone, and Cheslin from her phone, her wallet, her backpack, and her buckles. ears.

Julius left the scene after the robbery, but the other three men abducted Hannah and Cheslin.

Cheslin was forced into the back seat and Hannah was pushed between the two front seats while the car was taken at 3:40.


Hannah's car is driving past a gas station

Hannah is seen on the front passenger seat of the car

It is thought that this is the last time Hannah has been seen alive.

A CCTV from a gas station located outside Stellenbosch, west of Cape Town, shows the young woman dressed in a cream-colored jacket on the front passenger seat.

At present, Cheslin has been forced into the trunk of the car.

Witbooi gets out of the car and enters the station where he tries to withdraw money from the Cheslin bank account with the help of a cash machine.

The attempt is unsuccessful, however, because Cheslin gave the men the wrong PIN.

The group leaves and goes to Kraaifontein.


Vernon Witbooi, Geraldo Parsons, Eben van Niekerk and Nashwill Julies were found guilty of the charges against them

In his interview, Witbooi told the police that Hannah was alive and complying with men's demands.

He says, "(Hannah) did not speak at all, she just looked in front of her."

Men tell him that they want to use his car to go home and they will return it to him and let it go, but it's a lie. Hannah would be dead in a few hours.

5h30 – 6h

The group stops at Kraaifontein, where Cheslin is forced out of the car and brutally beaten with bricks for giving them the wrong PIN code.

Hannah was terrified and asked the men what they were going to do.

They blame Cheslin for giving them an incorrect PIN code and ordering him to lie down and put his head on a brick.

The Cheslin Marsh is photographed after surviving the attack

Cheslin Marsh, 22, remained partially deaf after being beaten by men.
Cheslin, 22, remained deaf in one ear and traumatized

It was still dark outside, but Cheslin tells investigators that he remembers seeing two men holding bricks in his hands.

He said that he had closed his eyes and prayed. He was then stunned and left for dead. He only regained consciousness the day after the attack.

Cheslin was traumatized by the attack and by injuries that disrupted his life. He is deaf in one ear.

6 am to 7:30

After leaving Cheslin in a pool of blood, the men took Hannah to an isolated paintball site on Bottelray Road, where she was repeatedly raped.

They force her to get into the car and drive her about 20 km from Stellenbosch to a farm road near a creek and a vineyard, where they stop and the hang out of the vehicle.

Hannah is stabbed on the neck.

A big rock falls on his head, crushing his skull, before the killers – Parsons, van Niekerk and Witbooi – leave his body and leave by car.

The student was raped and her naked body was abandoned at the edge of a road.

During a lawsuit for murder, Hannah had pleaded with her captors, claiming that they could sexually assault her, while begging them to spare her life.

Parsons told the court that the group thought he had killed Cheslin and admitted to being the first to rape Hannah.

He said the men had planned to leave her on a farm, but she had argued.

According to Times Live, he said at the trial: "She did not want to get out of the trunk, she was holding the car, she started to panic, Eben came to stab her."

He claimed to have begged Witbooi not to kill her, but she was hit twice in the head. Experts claimed that she was dead instantly.

Julius in an interview with the police following his arrest

Another man, called "Kaffertjie", gave drugs to the trio before raping and killing Hannah. "Kaffertjie" has never been arrested.

After killing Hannah, the men continue their criminal adventure after sunrise targeting a woman on her way to work in Kraaifontein.

They chase her and steal her bag and phone.


Several hours go by before the men steal and kidnap another woman on the street, using Hannah's car.

At 1:12 pm, they go to a gas station in Brackenfell, where CCTV shows Witbooi the different pants.

He withdraws 3,000 rand (£ 161) from the bank account of the kidnapped wife, who is at the back of the car.

She is released soon after, near the place where Hannah was raped, and van Niekerk is soon to be filed.

At least one other woman has also been attacked.

2:12 p.m.

The police lawsuit ended on a farm road

The car – now only occupied by Parsons and Witbooi – is seen by the secret police following her and is soon joined by a police van marked.

This leads to a high-speed chase that ends on a farm road.

The men abandon the car and try to escape on foot, but they are arrested shortly after – eleven hours after the attack of Hannah and Cheslin.

Guilty killers

On Wednesday, Parsons, van Niekerk and Witbooi were convicted of kidnapping, robbery, rape and murder. Julius was found guilty of theft and kidnapping.

All four had pleaded not guilty.

They must be sentenced Monday.

Hannah, Hannah's heart-broken father, recounted how her mother Anna, 56, drowned months after the murder, after becoming "a shadow of herself".

Anna, Hannah's mom (right) was found dead in March of this year

Anna was found dead in Scarborough, Cape Town by beach lovers in March of this year.

Mr. Cornelius said: "I do not believe that she committed suicide … but what I think is that she no longer had the physical or mental strength to to face the difficulties that she might have encountered. "

He added, "She has become a shadow of herself … frantic, almost maniacal in everything she's done.

"Outwardly always in control but inside, she had very little to give – there was very little substance."

He added that his autistic son had not been aware for some time of Hannah's death.

Struggling to hold back his tears, the former magistrate added, "I think our family is dead with (Hannah).

"All parents think their children are exceptional, we were not different.

"She said that she wanted to do something that would help people."

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