Harry is celebrating his birthday. Meghan didn’t deserve this, the fans are angry

For Prince Harry’s birthday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and Queen Elizabeth wished them. They shared photos on social networks, but Harry’s wife, Meghan, was missing.

Fans of the royal family agreed to deliberately cut the Duchess of Sussex. “There must have been hundreds of photos to choose from, but you decided to publish one with Harry, William and Kate. I’m sure Meghan’s exclusion was intentional,” one of them said on social media.

But other discussants do not see the situation as black. They noticed that the royal wishes usually occur primarily as a celebrant, without their wife or husband. “It’s Harry’s birthday, not Meghan’s. He was born alone and was not attached to her,” said one of the contributors.

Harry and his wife and son celebrate a birthday in Santa Barbara, California, where the family lives. After a lot of work awaits Sussexy – they signed an agreement with the media giant Netflixwhich should bring them about $ 150 million.


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