Has the source code of Ubisoft’s next video game been hacked?

A group of hackers called “Egregor” says they have managed to penetrate Ubisoft’s internal network and steal sensitive data. In particular, they would have got their hands on the source code for the game “Watch Dogs: Legion”, which is due out in a few days. Some of this source code has been posted online on their site, accessible on the dark web.

When questioned by Zdnet, the hackers say they will continue this broadcast until the publisher contacts them to pay a ransom. Zdnet downloaded the suspected files from Ubisoft, but could not verify that this is the source code for “Watch Dogs: Legion”.

The “Egregor” group has also published data from another video game developer, Crytek, with information on the development of titles such as Arena of Fate or Warface. Unlike Ubisoft, Crytek was entitled to special attention, namely the “complete” encryption of the data of its systems. Neither editor has commented on this case to date.

Source : Zdnet

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