Has your energy supplier failed? The office advises the Czechs on how to proceed

The rise in the price of electricity and gas in the world is also taking its toll in the Czech Republic. Some energy suppliers are going bankrupt. The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) assures that people are protected in such a case, and therefore do not have to fear an unexpected interruption in energy supply.

Due to the increase in the price of electricity and gas on world stock exchanges, the first bankruptcies of energy suppliers are already taking place in the Czech Republic. In such cases, all customers (consumers and entrepreneurs) are automatically protected against interruption of supply by the so-called institute of the supplier of last resort.

It comes at a time when electricity and gas suppliers go bankrupt because they are no longer able to provide their customers with a sufficient supply of energy. The supplier of last resort is obliged to immediately inform all affected clients about the start of new electricity and gas supplies, prices and conditions. “Not only OTE, as informs you about the bankruptcy of individual companies, but also us on our website,” the ERO points out.

Exceptions are customers whose gas consumption in the last 12 months has exceeded 630 MWh. In this case, the supplier of last resort does not start and people have to secure a new supplier themselves immediately.

Six months to change supplier without penalty

A new contract with any supplier must be concluded within six months. “Any consumption of electricity or gas is considered unjustified after this period and there is a risk not only of interruption of energy supplies, but also of enforcement of compensation for damage and possibly dismantling of the electricity meter or gas meter,” warns the ERO.

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However, a timely change of supplier is also advantageous financially, because suppliers of last resort charge more than usual. “Select a new supplier not only on the basis of price, but also on the basis of its reliability and references,” the ERO concludes.

Who is your last resort supplier?

The supplier of last resort is determined on the basis of your specific distribution point.

Source: Energy Regulatory Office



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