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have you found any tips to divert the long queue? It won’t be of much use …

At 5.30pm on Tuesday, we learned that 35,000 people were registered on QVAX in Wallonia out of 100,000 registered at the federal level. At around 10 p.m., more than 625,000 people were still trying to register. It didn’t take long, however, for some to find several ways around the web to hijack the system queue, well known to Tommorowland fans.

“Tips” which, according to Yvon Englert, general delegate Covid-19 in Wallonia, will sometimes not be of much use. Indeed, the vaccination system does not change and will always follow the order of priority decided by the authorities.

“There is no first come, first served logic. So someone who signed up in 48 hours will have the same chances on Friday as someone who signed up this morning. Everything will depend on where it is in the list of priorities for getting vaccinated, ”explains Yvon Englert to RTBF.

Rushing is useless

The new QVAX tool was developed in order to use every dose of vaccine available while daily, in each center, some injections are not used following last minute cancellations or people who did not show up.

But how does the platform work in practice? Is it really useful to wait that long? When you arrive on the qvax.be site, you must first choose your region. You must then confirm that you are over 18 and have not yet received a summons. You must then create an account by providing your national register number, last name, first name, email and mobile number. “It can be the e-mail and mobile phone of a person helping you if you don’t have one,” the platform specifies. Finally, you must choose a vaccination center and indicate your availability in an agenda. Here is finally registered.

“If a place becomes available and you are the next to be invited according to the distribution rules, an alert will be sent by e-mail and SMS. Then confirm that you are still available and that you wish to continue your registration. Make sure you do this within the allotted time because if you don’t respond on time, someone else will be invited. You will then be directed to the reservation system where you can enter the exact time of your appointment, ”explains QVAX. Please note, you only have 30 minutes to respond to the solicitation. If you do not react within this period, you will have to re-enter your availability in the diary to be on the “reservists” list again.

There is no point, however, in rushing to the platform. The system does not operate on a first come, first served basis. “Each region’s guidelines for priority groups are being followed. It could therefore pass a certain time before you are called via the reserve list and perhaps you will even receive your invitation via the normal way before ”, explains one on QVAX. In the vaccination centers, we are assured that this list of reservists will be linked to the list of priority persons. Consequently, seniors and people suffering from comorbidities (diabetes, obesity, hypertension, etc.) will be contacted as a priority. “It is the IT that selects priority people and contacts them”, we are told in a center.

In the vaccination centers, we are also entrusted with having lists of priority people. They were carried out by general practitioners before the implementation of QVAX and will still be used for some time.


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