January 29, 2020

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Having information lines, at Sundance, Blood Blood, Empty Pockets;

There is nothing to hide by the Ross brothers. They want to be as transparent as possible about how they made their new film, “Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.” So this is how they did it:

In November 2016, Bill and Turner Ross built a rental bar in New Orleans called Roaring's 20. The use of the site cost most of their $ 10,000 budget. The day after Donald Trump was elected, they told the 22 people they had spent on displaying the project at the bar. These people are not actors. The filmmakers were people at other bars who had a relationship with alcohol.

And when these people came to the filming site, where they all spend one day, they were given this direction: Let the two be closed at the end of the night.

During the day, the Residents gave only the two cameras inside the bar – much more. They filmed how they spent, never met before, laughing, talking, flirting, sleeping and getting very drunk.

But if you showed up to watch “Blood Nose, Empty Pockets” at the Sundance Film Festival this year after you just read the film description in the pilot program, you wouldn't know this. This is because the film was premiered in the festival's festival of information festival, where it was described as a film about the regular people at a Las Vegas dive bar as it tackled its shutters.

“That is the foundation, at least; the reality is so irrational to the world from which they are escaping, ”reads the material Sundance, and expresses that the film is not just in truth.

Bill, 39, and Turner, 37, were not expected to have the film in the information category. However, following their submission to Sundance last year, the brothers said that festival programmers had “petitioned” to include it in the non-fiction section.

“We said,‘ OK, if this is what you want to do, let's talk about what we really did here, because we're not going to lie about anything. That is the – – bull and he finds out how we want to do, ”explained Turner, the brother who is not too pleasant, who takes his western hat flat. “So we told them about it, and they said, sin That is more exciting. We still want to go ahead. '”

View from the bar in “Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.”

View from the bar in “Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.”

(Sundance Institute)

The decision affected some information purifiers, claiming it is unfair for the film to compete against other non-fiction films created without any artificial basis. Others have defended “Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets,” focusing on other reality narrative hybrids included in the information competition in the past, including “Kate Plays Christine” 2016 and “Casting JonBenet.”

One of Sundance's programmers, Harry Vaughn, wrote in an e-mail he and his colleagues decided that the film won in the information competition as “it creates situations to invite a level of chaos and fairness that is more suited to the non-fiction space. ”

“We were very impressed with the limits they pushed in y Bloody Nose,’ and how they face their assumptions about the truth and truth that should be in movies, ”Vaughn continued. “Blood Blood is really happening in much of it in real time. It is only within a built site. It encourages us to think about the appearance of the non-fiction sphere in the most unusual ways. "

The Rosses began to think about the idea for the film in 2009. Back then, they were hoping to create their 1984 “Streetwise” documentary on the edge of Sin City. The father was a gambler, so the brothers spent a lot of time in Vegas and after that they were very impressed with how the recession was changing the city's landscape. They thought the place seemed like a metaphor for the Irish surplus and the hunger, and he liked the idea of ​​catching it all in one room.

So they examined idle bars, looking for the right atmosphere and the character community. But there was no right place just. Turner likes the experience of George Orwell's essay “The Moon Under Water,” in which the author talks about the 10 things that make a big bar – but then he says he only got a bar with eight of these characteristics.

“But it seemed something we could demonstrate, because they are logs that people want to get,” said Turner. “Especially in Vegas: Why this oasis are you looking for another oasis? Why do you want to find the darkness in the bright light? Why you can put strange people together and find the immediate base and commonality – choose sides, create dynamics. Why can you go to an airport bar and hear someone's life story in the time it takes to move? ”

Directors Turner Ross, left, and Bill Ross, at Sundance.

Directors Turner Ross, left, and Bill Ross, at Sundance.

(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times)

The brothers, who moved to New Orleans after strip in Hollywood more than a decade ago, were always diving bar fans. (The Bill was used to frequently bar Barra Hank in downtown LA) Both of them are drinking – during this interview, they were playing on Campari cocktails offered to them at 11:30 am – and Turner says that alcohol is “A world we know very much. ”

So when they were looking for people to see in their film, they wanted to find people who had loyal links with holes in their water.

“We are getting up with people, offering them a drink and asking:‘ What does a bar mean to you? Why do you come to a bar? Bill, you said, recalled that he and Turner spoke to hundreds of potential materials before deciding on the final consumption.

Ultimately, they decided on a motley crew of characters that included a war veteran, suck queen, actress characters and truck driver. Before the shooting started, Turner said, and Bill told them: “You are here for a reason: As you are. However you want to show that it is – whatever you want to give to that – just come and be yourself within that. And they were incredible. ”

During the 18-hour shoot, “certainly there were faults here and there,” Bill admitted. “If they got a topic in a way too long, we'd like‘ All right, guys. Let's go on from that. '”

They were also forced to intervene when some people were too drunk. At one point, one lost one went so drunk that she fell.

“There were a few cases as there were, 'OK, maybe it's time to go. He made us feel uncomfortable, so we found them out, ”said the Bill, noting that there was a support crew there to offer people tours, food and water.

“But at the same time it is part of this sincerity,” said Turner. “There was a lot we could put in the film we didn't have. We don't want to take advantage of or embarrass anyone. Apparently, when Pam comes, it's not a joke. Pam falls down because Pam has too much to drink. But we are not there to see Pam's fall, we are there to see Pam. The bar comes to her rescue and she picks her up and makes sure … she gets home. This family is built, and that idea. ”

Bruce Hadnot, veteran war, is featured in “Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.”

Bruce Hadnot, veteran war, is featured in “Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets.”

(Sundance Institute)

If they went to a real bar over a few months, creating a document of space over time, the filmmakers believe that this kind of raw emotion would not have arisen. But when asked where the film comes into the documentary genre, the brothers' time is up.

“What is a documentary?” Said Bill, stopping for a while. “Suckler boy. I do not know. We never talk about it ever. ”

“It's not really the conversation I want,” said Turner, growing a bit of protection. “There is certainly an interesting conversation to be done. Do I want this to be our main conversation? Not sure. I mean, again, that this is not what I want to get into – but it's a documentary. There is a great truth. … In the case of a composition like this, perhaps some of it is set, but these people still have a true representation of these people, which is very interesting for us. "

Sundance clearly has this view. As Vaughn said: “Fiction is obviously a structure, but it is called a fictional film on a non-fiction film. They are consolidating the reality parts that we would otherwise not see if they did not have elements in place. Basically, to find truth, you have to use the construction, which feels its logic to me. ”

However, the Rosses have no interest in attracting mass. They eventually left LA, said Turner, after gigs that gigs were cut for movies including “Miami Welfare” and “realize other people's dreams” for check-paid payments not creatively . In New Orleans – where Turner is living with his wife and daughter 6 years of age and his bill with a long-term party – they are mainly assembled by working as pictographers on other projects.

“It was very difficult for us to get funding ahead of things we need to do, so we have to fill the coffee in the other way,” said Turner.

“But I see what our other friends are doing, and I don't want any of that. Too many cooks in the kitchen, ”said the Bill for working on larger budget projects.

“Art by committee,” said Turner. “We managed to build a language together and we want to continue this. Every film, we learn something new and explore and try to go further. I don't think Hollywood movie is next big budget, but we see. I love $ 5 million. I did a lot with that. We were just able to pay the crew forward, pay the bills at home, do a little more. ”