Havlíček: Pubs, shops and services will probably open in November

On Friday, the government approved a move from the fifth to the fourth degree of the anti-epidemic system (PES), which is associated with the relaxation of certain measures, such as a shift in the curfew or a shift in the closing hours of trades.

At the beginning of next week, the score of the PES system, which is calculated according to several criteria of epidemic development, could bring another shift, according to Havlíček.

“The situation is getting better, the overall score of 62 percent means that we could move to 60 percent at the beginning of next week. One week from now, ideally on Monday, we could switch to regime number three, “Havlíček said at a press conference on Friday after the government meeting.

That would mean further loosening. “We would open all shops and services under strict epidemic measures,” he added.

In the third stage, PES also counts on the opening of shopping centers. However, the dismantling would take place under strict epidemiological conditions, there could be only one customer per 15 square meters in the stores. The same conditions would apply to libraries.

Only 4 people at the table

According to Havlíček, restaurants could be only 50 percent full, for example. “All customers would have to sit, then a maximum of four people could be at the table,” said the deputy prime minister.

At the third stage of the PES, outdoor events for up to 50 people could also take place, indoor events for up to 10. The ban on night outings and the ban on drinking alcohol in public could be lifted.

According to the system, they would also open accommodation facilities or cultural monuments, but only groups of ten members could move around them.

According to the PES, the circle of pupils attending schools would also expand. Rotational full-time teaching could now also apply to secondary schools and higher vocational schools. First-year university students could also attend in person.

For schools, however, it will probably depend on the agreement between the Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for YES) and the Minister of Education Robert Plaga (for YES). The milder rules associated with the transition to the fourth level of risk of the anti-epidemic system (PES) do not apply to schools – the relaxation of measures in education will start gradually.

According to Minister Havlíček, the future of winter resorts is not yet clear, and the expert teams of the Ministries of Industry and Trade and Health, together with hygienists, will address the issue of their operation on Monday.

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