February 14, 2020

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HBCUs Hampton and Norfolk State consider links to story 1619

As a historically black learning institution, Norfolk State University teaches its history, including slavery, as they pursue career paths such as business, engineering and technology.

The school, founded in 1935, is putting the country's first masters program in cyber biology this year – which members of the faculty see as another tool in the Education Arsenal to teach American African students.

For students in the program, learning how to tackle cyber attacks will begin with an understanding of how psychological manipulation works, Cassandra Newby-Alexander, professor of history and deputy College of the Liberal Arts in Norfolk State, where the program is based. .

“Not everyone feels the same way,” said Newby-Alexander. “When thinking and designing ways to consolidate it, you need to have a proper understanding of the human dimension. It is not good to predict anyone who uses your fears, your hate. This level of manipulation remains constant in our society. ”

Director of Hampton University Museum, Vanessa Thaxton-Ward in Hampton, Virginia, Friday, November 22, 2019.

Knowing how to recognize and try to manipulate, together with a background in history, literature, art, music and science, allows pupils to understand their lives better and manipulate them. , Newby-Alexander said.

“Each of these different areas together teaches you how to be free as it gives you information in a wide range of areas… so that you can become a master of your own life. Otherwise, you are a cog in a wheel and you will handle it. ”