HBO is scratching his head to find out how much it's worth compared to Netflix


WarnerMedia, the former Time Warner now in the fold of the US telecom operator AT & T, seems to think that it will find its place more easily between Netflix, Disney +, Apple, Amazon Prime video, etc. with an offer of a block gathering all its catalogs at a price between 16 and 17 dollars.

That's what
reveals "Wall Street Journal" by completing a publication of the research office MoffettNathanson

   and articles from The New York Times and
from Bloomberg


For its subscription video offer around its HBO gem ("Sopranos", "Game of Thrones" …), the entity headed by John Stankey previously thought of setting up a three-tier pricing system, the first with films in addition, the second with blockbusters and the original programming and the third with the content of the studio Warner Bros.

He seems to have preferred simplification. On HBO we will find the contents of this studio-channel, but also those of its much less known sister channel Cinemax and Warner Bros.'s TV and movie content. There may be a cheaper offer for the consumer accepting advertising. The service should be launched in March 2020 in the United States and follow fairly quickly in Europe and elsewhere.

Netflix = Pay TV

As Matthew Ball, an industry expert, explains,
in an exciting podcast "Recode"

    dedicated to the video subscription (SVOD), AT & T is quite "nervous" for the launch of its service and this is seen in the number of round trips to find the right price for other services in his purse, including including DirecTV Now.

It must be said that if he owns in HBO the channel credited with having changed television over the past 30 years thanks to a very high-end offer, the Time Warner catalog as a whole is less easy to identify than that of its main competitors.

" Netflix is ​​the actor who wants to replace pay TV as a whole and who, in fact, recreates a bouquet with all kinds of television (and all programming qualities), "says Matthew Ball. He has a good chance of winning
as the default service

   , with an average price of $ 13 per month.

According to him, Disney +, does not aim at this completeness but the unparalleled quality of its catalog and in particular of its franchises (Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars) makes it a must for the programs that one actively chooses to watch, all the more that it is
charged only 7 dollars


Between 4 and 10 SVOD services

For WarnerMedia, the equation is more delicate. HBO is very profitable but has no
never targeted a very broad audience with as many programs as possible

   . And despite series like "Friends", the Warner catalog is not identified as such by the general public.

In addition, WarnerMedia now has in front of him Amazon Prime and Apple TV, which are bonuses for the delivery in the case of the first, and for computer equipment, in the case of the second and which therefore have an easy access to hundreds millions of homes each. Disney also has in its offer the Hulu service at $ 12 with less family content. Also come free services that will be financed by advertising.

Finally, HBO already has tens of millions of SVOD customers through the Web and traditional pay TV. This service is charged 15 dollars today. And that is a floor price because of contracts with traditional TV distributors like Comcast.

That being said, in the future pay-TV landscape, John Stankey estimates that there will be between 4 and 10 actors who will be very widespread in homes, at least in the United States. HBO is still HBO, there is worse as an asset to be part of it.


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