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He assures that he is “20 years old in three days” after applying the vaccine against the covid – 17/04/2022

Michelle flowersa woman from Sheffield, United Kingdom, assured that “she is 20 years old in just three days”, after receiving the booster shot. kovid-19. Her strange story generated a stir in every corner of the internet and she didn’t take long to go viral via social media.

La World Health Organization (WHO) reports that COVID-19 vaccine may be caused side effects, “most of them are mild to moderate and disappear spontaneously in a matter of days.” As detailed by the entity, the typical reactions are headache, fever, chills and fatigue.

However, Michelle, 41, confirmed that she had a negative reaction to a pfizer booster which was implemented in January this year. Two weeks later, the Briton began to suffer from a painful skin condition that caused “cracks” on his lips.

Faced with this totally unexpected situation, she was diagnosed with hives – hives – and her GP prescribed steroids to treat her. “They hurt so much that I can’t open my mouth properly,” the woman admitted.

In this context, Michelle asserts that it immune system it was permanently damaged as a result of the vaccine, as it became dependent on steroids. He even believes he was misdiagnosed.

Months passed and the woman spoke to a friend, whose mother seems to have the same symptoms as Pfizer’s serum. Because of this, Flower self-diagnosed with dermatitis, also known as “butterfly eyes,” the YorshireLive portal noted.

With this scenario, I regret the situation, Flower revealed: “I was crying in pain. I did not sleep for several days.”

At the same time, he explained how you feel when you suffer from this type of body disease: “It’s as if you had a very, very bad sunburn. My face is burning with itching. I have the sore mouth in the world, it’s like I have a cold sore. “

Following this line, the British explained what treatment is currently being done to reduce the symptoms. “The only pain relief cream I get is an E45 – used to treat and soothe dry, itchy and scaly skin – which gives me about 20 minutes of relief.”

On the other hand, he added that “general practitioners do not know this new side effect of the hole.”

Despite her negative reactions, Michelle pointed out that she is not against vaccines. However, he reflected: “People need to know that there are serious side effects that affect people.”

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