He begins to climb out of his father’s shadow – Mick Schumacher paves the way for the F-1

Since the German motorist Mick Schumacher competes in international formula competitions, he has to live with a lot of pressure. Such a burden must be borne sevenfold F-1 to the son of champion Michael Schumacher, but so far he has proven himself as a rider who has stood out with patience and gradual progress.

Mick Schumacher is spending his second season in the Formula 2 (F-2) Championship, representing the Prema team, where after a slow start to the season, he has recovered and become one of the contenders for the title. At the Monza stage, the German celebrated his first victory in the main competition, but most of the season he climbed the podium. In addition, after two rounds in Tuscany last weekend, he has become the leader in the overall F-2 standings. A lot is expected of Schumacher’s son in Germany, but this pressure has not broken him.

“I think this last name is more of an advantage to me,” Schumacher said in an interview with the podcast “Road to F1.” You can’t disagree with that, because the young motorist has already ridden his father’s historical formulas twice. Other F-2 drivers are not offered this option. Last season, he was able to drive the Hockenheim track with the 2004 Ferrari formula. Last weekend, Mick Schumacher also tried the “F2004” model on the Mugello track, honoring the Ferrari’s 1000th F-1 race. He also said that his father had given him advice at the beginning of his career, but he had also allowed him to learn from his mistakes. “He knew it was the best way to learn.”

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