“He didn’t stand a chance” – Wel.nl

He was not afraid and he did it more often: 69-year-old Andy went fishing last week unsuspectingly Hinchin Brook Island, in Queensland, Australia. He fell victim to two crocodiles.

His Dutch wife Erica was only delivered when it got dark and Andy was still not home. That same evening, she alerted the emergency services and a search was organized. The next day they found his boat, without Andy in it. There was, however, a three-meter crocodile swimming around the boat. “Andy’s boat was six feet. He hasn’t had a chance, ”says a relative of Erica RTL News.

When the police cut open the animal, their worst fears came true: in the stomach were the body parts of Andy. A few days later, the police found an even bigger crocodile. He was also killed and examined and remains of Andy have also been found in his stomach.

Not everyone agrees with the police’s action. On social media, reactions sound like: “It’s the area of ​​the crocs, people know the risk when they go to it. And why was he in such a small boat? ”


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